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Hitch-hiker's Guide to Red Planet


version 1 - late 1990s/early 2000s

Red Ogress and KLCtheBookworm create Red Planet on EZboard.  Members are initially drawn from at least and deviantART.  The initial idea is that the forum will be for discussion and chatting, and possibly for critique of works in progress, as KLC's Alternative Biker Mice Site (often referred to as AltBM) was hosting some fics and art and most members already had and deviantART accounts.  However by popular demand forums were added to allow people to post or at least link to fics and artwork on the board itself.

version 2 - mid 2005

Red Planet is one of many boards affected by EZboard's massive data loss/alleged cracking.  Suicide Commando offers to take on the hosting of the board, and after some discussion among the staff this offer is snapped up.  Suicide Commando provides a server and a phpbb, notices and announcements are left on what remains of the EZboard and most users migrate.  Criterion joins the forum, lets it have "official fansite" status, and posts sneak previews of material in development for the upcoming 2006 series remake as well as providing merchandise as prizes for competitions.

version 3 - mid 2007

Red Ogress and KLCtheBookworm move on to focus on writing careers.  After much debacle, debate, staff discussion and general confusion, Red Planet is handballed to Torama.  Torama converts the site from phpbb to Drupal, retaining all users and content in some form, slaps together a theme with artistic help from Peter Moran, makes actual fic and art sections, and fumbles the site through a couple of different servers before settling on a Linode.  While the site remains semi-active usage-wise, it gets stuck in development hell with Torama performing one major upgrade from Drupal 5 to 6 and otherwise just patching in valiant attempts to keep the site functional.

version 4 - late 2012

Torama upgrades the site to Drupal 7.  The default theme "console" is rewritten from scratch to accommodate many changes between Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, convert the stylesheets to scss, clean up the theme codebase and make the site look pretty.  The default theme is renamed "console (light)" and a corresponding dark mode "console (night)" is written and made available shortly after.  Activity seems to pick up with new content being posted and new users joining.