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  1. be polite and treat others how you would like to be treated.  If someone is giving you a hard time please report them to an Overseer.
  2. swearing is allowed in character in the roleplay forums and within fics and art.  Please refrain everywhere else.
  3. let seriously old posts lie :) (but feel free to comment fics and art regardless of how old they are)

Your account and you

  1. we don't have a username policy as such but the Shaolin Webmonkey will modify any that contains terms that normal people would consider offensive.
  2. keep avatars and signature images to a G or PG rating.
  3. all profile information is completely voluntary and can be marked as private so only you and the Overseers and Shaolin Webmonkey can see it.  You are not required to provide real information though if you want access to the mature and explicit stuff you should provide your real birth year (make up a random day and month if you don't want to divulge your actual birthday) so we don't get in trouble.


  1. no canons at all for any reason.  No exceptions.  No you don't
    get to be related to them or be friends with them or have them be
    friends of a friend :) They can be referenced in conversation seeing as
    most of them are probably famous.
  2. no prior history or player killing unless by prior agreement.
  3. "fair play" means that sometimes bad things will happen to your
    characters, and as inconceivable as it may seem, you may be out of focus
    on occasion.
  4. out of character snippets within roleplay posts are generally acceptable, however try to keep in-depth ooc discussions to Harley's Bar.
  5. Brimstone City Nightclub
    can be used for games with primarily explicit themes, or be dipped in and out of for specific scenes that are too explicit for games happening in the main game area.


  1. create a fan character
  2. if you want to join an existing game, ask in Harley's Bar if the current players would mind you joining.  While most probably won't, there are a couple of instances where games are occurring in locations that people won't be at unless they have a specific reason to be there.
  3. to start a new game, fire up a new thread, put [open|closed roleplay] in the title followed by an actual title, optionally start off by listing the characters involved with links to their profiles, and start writing.

Fan works

  1. if you made it, you can post it.
  2. if someone else made it for you and says you can post it, then you can post it.
  3. only tag primary themes and characters, not ones that are mentioned/covered in passing.
  4. characters that are non-canon species are welcome if and only if they are part of a predominantly Biker Mice work.
  5. photos of Biker Mice cosplay can be considered fanwork.  Otherwise if it's off-topic post it or a link to it in the Mess Hall.

Bannable offences

  • hate speech (instant)
  • character/fanwork theft (as soon as verified)
  • harrassing other members (three strikes, currently being noted by
    the Overseers until the Shaolin Webmonkey works out a way to add it to the author pane)

Bans tend to be permanent.