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[modified 2014 Mar 18]


This privacy policy is for Red Planet. We aim to be as transparent as possible about what information we collect about you and what information you are required to give us should you wish to sign up an account. This policy may get amended without warning at any time (usually if we find we need to add something or could have worded something better) so please feel free to check it regularly in case it's changed.

We don't give out information you've given us or that we've gotten from you unless we get an actual legitimate warrant or subpoena for it.

Information collected from you

IP address

This is collected and stored in the site database and by Mollom and Piwik for spam slaughter and analytics purposes respectively.


The site will attempt to set a cookie on access.  It stores three pieces of information: whether your browser is capable of/allowing javascript, actions taken on javascript tables and filter boxes, and a sessionID which will keep you logged in.  You need to accept the cookie to be able to log in.  If you don't need to log in it can be safely rejected without losing site functionality, aside from having to keep setting filter box preferences in the art and fic areas.

Account information


Obviously only needed if you choose to sign up an account.  Please be sensible and don't use terms that you would say to someone you respected (and that wasn't a friend who understands that you may mean them in an endearing fashion).


This is initially used to send you a confirmation email to make sure it was actually you that signed up for the account.  After that you may if you choose to let the site send you subscription and private message notifications.  It is not used for any other purpose and not displayed anywhere outside your edit account tab.

User profile

Displays your user name and the latest things you've posted (in the case of art, fics and some roleplays, whether they're viewable by the public depends on whether or not they are M or R rated) by default.  All profile fields are optional and can be marked private, which means that only the Overseers will be able to see them.  This is particularly useful in the case of birthdays as if you want access to the M and R rated stuff the Overseers need to know how old you are.  If you don't want to divulge your actual birthday that's fine, just put down your actual birth  year and pick any month and day that appeals.  Because there is no way for us to verify your age we go a lot by how you write your posts, so if we don't think you're writing like you're at least 15 we won't give you access to the mature stuff.  This is not necessarily a slight on you, the user, it is to try to minimise drama with angry screeching "THINK OF THE CHILDREN" types.

There is no minimum age you have to be to sign up an account. If you are under 13 please do NOT fill out the profile unless you mark everything as private, and definitely check to make sure your parent/guardian is okay with you accessing and participating with this site.


This website utilises Mollom spam defence.  Your ip, username, and email address will be sent to Mollom's servers and compared against other similar content in order to destroy spam submissions.  Please review their web service privacy policy to ensure you're okay with everything before posting.

External link markers

Any link marked with the external link icon (an arrow pointing out of a square) will take you to a website which was up and running at the time of linking. We are not responsible for the content or appearance of external websites, so please exercise caution when following links.

Anonymous usage statistics

This site uses Piwik to collect various pieces of data which are anonymised as much as possible to make it difficult for you personally to be identified by the pieces you contributed.  We honour Do Not Track, so if you prefer to opt out, please enable Do Not Track in your browser preferences.