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Throttle, the Leader and Most Handsome Mouse In the Galaxy
21% (7 votes)
Vinnie, the Egomaniac With a Heart of Pure Gold
9% (3 votes)
Modo, the Universe's Biggest Teddy Bear and Chivilristic Gentleman
58% (19 votes)
Rimefire, the Young Computer Genius and a Real All Around Sweetheart
9% (3 votes)
Stoker, the Head Honcho with Intellegence, Quick Wit, and a Good Personality
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 33
inuficcrzy's picture
Joined: 01 Jan 2008

I was almost afraid to vote, I mean, I could only pic one?! (cries) But they all sound so good!

Luna J. Mouse's picture
Joined: 10 Feb 2008

Gotta go with Modo on this one

Katana's picture
Joined: 02 Dec 2007

I'd vote Modo. But I honestly I think either Modo or throttle.

goddessrhiannon's picture
Joined: 11 Jan 2008

Argh! I like leaders by nature, so it could be Stoker or Throttle, but, because Throttle is my fav, I think I'll choose him!!!

Defender Kaotena's picture
Joined: 23 Oct 2005

Man...I was really torn between Modo 'n Rimfire. Modo's one of the nicest, sweetest guys 'n the universe. And is great with children. So he'd be the most logical choice for husband material.

Rimfire is like a younger version of Modo...only w/a bit more brains. All around sweetie...but he's still a bit on the immature side. We can let it slide since he's still young and learning.

But the end, I had to go w/Modo. He's great w/kids and such a sweetie...I know if I married him, he'd be supportive of me in just about anything (as long as it's legal, he gets to keep his bike, give him hot dogs...'n don't do anything to hurt him in any way).

gingershoneycomb's picture
Joined: 08 Nov 2008

Damn, I was afraid I'd only get to choose One! I was going to go for Stoker, fell in love with that voice the moment I heard it back in the good old series...he can ravish me any time, but I don't see him bringing home a reliable cheque or keeping the kids from drowning in a puddle while I work!
Rimfire was just full of potential, I can see him being a very steady mouse even though I haven't seen the new eps yet, but I went with Throttle (the old one, not the new gawky teen looking one) because he's always being strong, with a fun streak that doesn't just go wild and of course that knee-weakening purry voice...

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Provost Marshal
Joined: 29 Oct 2008

Well, as much as I love Stoker, I 'd have to go with Modo here. I just don't see Stoker as boyfriend/husband material. He isn't the type really. Modo is sweet and you know he would be attentive. I sure any gil he ended up would have to occasionally reassure him about his arm, but everyone is insecure about something, so that's okay.

Midnight's picture
Joined: 14 Dec 2005

lol my main character mid ended up falling for Vin. He's crazy and funny, but he did have a heart of gold and he was one of the first to help her heal from a near death experience and took the time to get to know her. Not to mention she was shy, and he helped her overcome social phobia and became more outgoing while she managed to calm him down to a degree. His sense of humor also made her happy even though he drives her nuts at times.

Their relationship as a whole is insane. When they were dating they were constantly on again and off again. They married, had 6 dysfunctional kids and got divorced. They got back together and remarried, but they were tested greatly and had their fair share of drama and misery. They also had a lot of growing up to do if they wanted a successful marriage. It leaves a lot of room for growth in characters.

As entertaining as they are, torturing them constantly, I'd have to go with either the old version of Stoker (if i was old enough) or Throttle. I tend to look for guys I can be compatible with, intelligent, independent, and had common sense. I cannot stand being smothered, dependency, or denseness in a man. It usually doesn't last long... Maybe I'll find the right person soon.

The Prodigal Fan's picture
Joined: 04 Oct 2006

Stoker doesn't seem like husband material, and Rimfire needs to mature a little.

But the others all have possibilities. Throttle has many good qualities, but strikes me as being a bit of a workaholic. Vinnie is a lot of fun (and the studliest mouse this sied of the galaxy - sorry, couldn't resist!) but with a very sweet, caring side. However, a potential wife would need an infinite amount of patience, and I'm not sure how he'd be with children. Modo has on the face of it all the right qualities, but might possibly a bit [i]too[/i] caring... a bit smothering, perhaps? Also, a potential wife would have to be aware that she wouldn't just be marrying Modo, but his mother as well!

For all these reasons, I'm abstaining from voting - so there!