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posted by Torama on 19 Dec 2012 @ 12:38am

Hey all

Sorry it took so long.  I could just about write a book about the upgrade (the conversations I've been having with myself on my dev site could make for some interesting reading just by themselves).  Most of the stuff should work pretty much as it has been, there might be some minor variations in workflow.  If you get stuck on anything shout out.

Stuff that's changed (aside from the obvious)

  • newly registered users are no longer able to post comments.  You can still post in the Arrival Hall, but you won't be able to answer your own post or anyone else's til one of the Overseers works their magic :)
  • there is a new module controlling the fanfics.  The good news is, if you want to work on a collaborative piece with someone you should now be able to authorise them to make changes to your fic.  The bad news is you might need to get a Lorekeeper or Overseer to kick the fic initially to give you proper control over it.
  • we are no longer using the Mediawiki format (because we're just not because it was too hard) so the wiki will need to be reformatted at some stage.  It parents properly now so pages can be attached to each other to generate a block of related/child page links.
  • I had to rebuild the urls so if you have any stuff favourited, check to make sure the link still works.
  • your profile information is blank again.  Sorry, I couldn't bring it over.  It was all of three fields if you feel like redoing it :)
  • there be subscriptions.  Should be a new link with a dropdown box and a bunch of options of what you want to subscribe to (by default it's whatever you're looking at).  Be dears and test it out for me :)
  • swapped out the 5star for an up/down rating system.  We'll have to start over with the ratings, unfortunately.  When you look at an art or fic, it's a thumb up or down and highest rated goes into Greatest :) There are also number ratings for the forum posts and all comments.  I hope to do something karmic with them eventually.

I may have forgotten stuff because I am very tired.  I will be writing up a bunch of guides in the wiki at some stage and then removing the howto forum.

Have fun!

-T the o'onairu'e tatpi resident webmonkey

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Holy smoke! I saw the preview image in Safari's Top Sites preview (yep, Red Planet is one of my fav websites) and was excited and had to pop in to see it up close. Extraordinary upgrade. Awesome work!! You deserve a pat on the back.

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Wooo good work! And don't worry about the time =) Rushing is useless!

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Hey T.... uhm... is de art broken? or did I totally randomly forget to do something? The art isn't there or the amount.... or had I been using the old links all this time ? Oo  

Trying to prod everyones art files, unless its just mine.. looking for mature filters right now too. ><

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Whipblade - yeh some of the art nodes dropped their pictures again (they're the ones where you have the box but no image, and no image when you click through).  I fixed the more recent ones (because they were more in my face), and some of them have been missing for years (like from when we first switched to Drupal and they got associated with the first account and I tried to tell people to tell me which pieces were theirs and not everyone did).  If you're looking at double ups, it will usually be because someone reposted an old piece of art.

There's a hell of a lot of files floating up the back end that have been there forever and I have no idea who they belong to or what they're associated with or even what they are in the cases of a lot of fics :S I may have to do a mass upload again and see if I can clean it up some now that stuff actually goes where it's supposed to go.

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I think a few of those floaters are mine... ^^;