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The letter

posted by MayaPatch on 13 Dec 2012 @ 10:57pm

Sleep little Rimmy sleep.. but please... finish that letter XD

A scene of my story, Rimfire has started his apprenticeship at the Academy of the Sergeant Scabbard. He only can stay in contact with the others by letter. After a long day of training, finally Rimmy finds what he was waiting for and starts to write the answer but... he's too tired and falls asleep XD

(Sorry for English mistakes, I'm Italian so... °^° I try to do my best XD)

Rimfire from the '90 series

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Transformer mice - Barricade

posted by Katana on 2 Sep 2011 @ 4:43pm

The third in my Transformer Mice series XD

Transformer mice - Autobot Jazz

posted by Katana on 2 Sep 2011 @ 4:42pm

another of my 'transformer mice' pieces XD This is autobot jazz

Transformer mice - Blurr

posted by Katana on 2 Sep 2011 @ 4:40pm

So abotu a year ago I got this crazy idea to draw some of my fav. transformers characters as martian mice - any transformers you wanna see turned into mice, lemmee know!

Scaffold by Whipblade

posted by Whipblade on 11 Jul 2011 @ 2:32pm


Oberon needs a thank you on this one. His artwork style was my inspiration when I drew him.

Scaffold is a little under developed but will be seen in any future RP's I do, so to flesh him out more.

mars map

posted by Whipblade on 26 Jun 2011 @ 6:02am

a map of mars locations from NASA

+Maritan Light+

posted by ThrottleThorneboy13 on 14 Feb 2011 @ 6:00pm

first let me tell you...I am not the best drawer in Pain /laptop drawings! so accept please that I am proud of my "bad" art here=^,^= Grazie(Thanks)

well...I have made my own story like you all have done...and I have a Martian Light....a person no one knows who is, but he/she is the heart of Mars, she/he is protect Mars, and choose the weather, but the problem is the Martian Light has not been showed for over 100 years, so the Martians is giving up hope about that Mars is save.
one day one sees Martian Light and hope is once again back.....
but this time the Martian Light has change, for many years Martian Light has been a lady, this time it is her son....

+ID BikeBaben 2009+

posted by ThrottleThorneboy13 on 14 Feb 2011 @ 12:08am

well hello....hello =D
just a quick visit for saying Hello Throttle is not dead...I am just relaxing and using my vacation for get peace in my dark soul, who is soon breaking down..sigh...

here is a picture of myself, from how I looked in 2009...(almost)
this is also my "Logo" who got stolen by an idiot who could not make her own skullhead with the butterfly on its head....
but I am still proud of this one, and mother helped me with make this really really good, and she helped me with choosing the colors^^
I own everything on this picture, also the clothes, I have it just in different color(s)
thanks for seen this picture=)

+Feeling you never will understand+

posted by ThrottleThorneboy13 on 5 Feb 2011 @ 9:32pm

:.Never getting the feeling how hard it´s to know, you have two mothers in two different places, knowing the one of them which is the adoptions mother, and the other never seen or get to know
Just hard feeling they never will learn!.:

.: Don´t make fun of adoption , it might hurt the adopted person!:.

:: I am not a unreal child, just because I am adopted! I am normal like you!
I am just born in another country::

+ a feeling you never learn about, since you are´t adopted....But I not born at a hospital, but by the adoptions home in another country! I am proud being adopted.....Just broken by you!

Yes I am adopted...and you might get a little chock because I never told it....but I did not feel ready for telling it...but I do now...and I am more then ready to tell my story...and my feeling for you DA persons....if you wanna hear it...then tell me and I will replay...when I can^.^

but some info about my life after my adoption:
99-03-16 I got adopted to Denmark and has now a great family and a great life....

99-09-?? I got my name(baptized)


2000-09-?? I started at school....0-grade...(the hell started for me that time..>.

yeah and too much more....both good and bad things....(:

Those scars on her back is the same I "got" course...
sometimes my back hurts...because of my scars>.

I got the idea with the base from ---->> Littletobeo102 on DA
thanks mel!!

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+I just hate Mondays+

posted by ThrottleThorneboy13 on 3 Feb 2011 @ 3:14am

^^; heh..well...I have a question? who else then me do not like Mondays?
who even does that?
Monday is the first day in the looooong>.

okay....This is a REQUEST to ALL Stoker-fans^^
I saw this base --->>[[]] and then I got that Idea with Drawing Stoker in a mission with keep and eye if the Plutarcians will attack....and in this picture it tells much that he HATES Mondays.....because it´s always Mondays he shall this:XD: poor poor bro^^^;
sorry Stoke-man I just thought you was the best in this XD so sorry...hope you forgive me one day:hug:

then the real story that made me make this picture^^
I am like Garfield...I hate Mondays....
1. It´s the first day in the week
2. I hate wake up early that I am not LAZY...I just like being under my blanket!XD
like I always tells mom...."No mom..I am not blanket has just ate me...and now I can´t get out^^;" haha....she always laughs at me XD also good when she hates Mondays too XD
3. I hate start a school if I had SHIT weekend>. has to be done right?:hug:

Base:~ximonn on DA
Stoker: Biker Mice Production!
Art: Throttle. Thorneboy

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