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BMFM Movie

With the new ninja turtles movie hitting the screens it makes me think a BMFM movie would work so well now with all the technology available

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I would love to see a BMFM movie.  That would be so awesome.  We can dream. 

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I'd love a BMFM movie.  But not if it's in the hands of Michael Bay (he DESTROYED the Transformers franchise!).  I think if it was in the hands of Guillermo Del Torro then it'd work better. ;)

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Unh, I think that the series has given all it had. But a film focused on the Plutarkian invasion would be great. It would explain everything the authors didn't.

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While I think it'd be a cool idea, I'd seriously hope they go with the G1 mice styles, but yeah, I agree with Maya, a backstory of the Plutarkian Occupation would be an interesting movie.

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I alwways had the idea to break up the BMFMs into 3 movies(origins,main climax,resolution and cliff hanger for next sequel) in my head I kinda mixed the two version of the Biker mice cannon and made it bit more darker and edgy for a kids cartoon moive(trying to keep it PG) I also thought of having few scenes of fan servies of biker mice showinf off their bodies. Carbine and Thorrle get married and Vinnie and Charile become a couple(they stay on earth)


this just a few ideas I had if I could make a BMFM movie. 

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There has been a BMFM movie listed on IMDB for years  It's currently scheduled for 2016.  However, it was previously scheduled for 2012.  Frankly, I'll believe it when I see it.

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I have to admit, when Rick and Tom first started talking about making a live-action movie back in the 90's, I was kind of squeamish because I kept picturing muppet mice.  Henson company could get away with it with turtles, but I wasn't so sure about something fuzzier that might end up looking like it belongs on stage at Chuck E. Cheese. XD


I have done a LOT of reasearch on this, and it's been hard to separate valid information from hearsay.  For instance, an artcle and interview speaking with the screenwriters, and a reference to Dwayne Johnson playing Modo.


The more confirmed information I have found came from two Animation sources- one in an Animation news publication and another on a forum for animators working in the field ( I have family and friends who work for Disney and Dreamworks ).  IN the article, which was published around 2011, it said that a BMFM animated film had been greenlighted and had received funding from overseas.  It named who the Art Director was going to be, who was a popular sci-fi and horror artist who's name escapes me at the moment.  Around this same time, in the Animator's forum, an Animator mentioned his friend ( or cousin, can't remember ) had been contracted to work on a new BMFM film. 

At a TMNT panel at a comic convention, Rob Paulsen was asked if he had any information about a BMFM movie, and he said he didn't and that no one had contacted him about it yet, but that if it was going into production, he hoped he would be called on to reprise his role as Throttle.  This Q&A panel occured either in 2012 or 2013, off the top of my head I can't remember which until I pull back up my archive again.


I will provide links to all this information as soon as I figure out which of external drives I stored my old laptop's bookmarks to.