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Best Friends Play Biker Mice From Mars
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Have you guys seen this video? Its hilarious I love it I'm huge Biker mice from Mars fan and a fan of "two best friends play" and watching this video seeing how salty woolie got from it was amazing. Their was so much salt I also love how Matt tried to defrend Biker mice franchise(1993 version is better) and how street sharks(Pat hates street sharks) and cows of moon mesa were worst. Woolie thinks any that tries to copy TMNT is bad rip-off and it needs to die. I really wish they could do more biker mice or maybe do swat kats.

I wish I could find all the dvds for 1993 and 2006 version of Biker mice but I can't find much of amazon. 


It got so bad the wikipedia page for Biker mice from mars was changed.