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Again -Another round of coffee shops-

We're disconnecting the net and TV for a couple of months come July1st. Whooo -_- So yeah I'm going to be doing another bunch of coffee shops to get on line late at night if/when hubby can sit.

BUT! There is good news to this, We've been invited to stay for a few down at the farm with Hubby's aunt, uncle and some border collies in the big ass house with a fishing pond and a real working cattle farm. -Is exciting!-

As well as it's summer on this side of the world so ya know more stuff to do once the water warms up enough to dive in without turning blue-goosebumpy. 

So just a heads up, my activity and mod duties will again be at an all time low -_- I will be back September 2nd (if the reboot comes online on time without any troubles) To normal activies again. WOOT!

^_^ By that time the wee one will be in day care *dances* And I can get some seriously needed work done around the home. Really hard to do renos with a 2 year old wanting to help hold the power tools.


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Yay for the good newsy bits :)

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