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Character Sheets

Don't post in here unless you're actually going to join in the game :P

I may consider making a section soon, my character roll is getting ridiculous.



Callsign/s: Raven-13/Cavalry Starleader/Cavalry Alpha Starleader
Rank: Starleader
Origin: Tir Tairngire mobile base, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 18
Height: 1.65m (~5'5")
Weight: 50kg (110lbs)
Build: Slight
Eyes: gold
Fur: copper, slightly coarse
Mane: black, usually has red foils, spikey and has a mind of its own
Identifying marks: tattoo of gold snake with tail in its mouth forming a circle with red eyes on lower back
Personality: cheerful
Demeanour: protective
Notes: pyrokinetic, with the associated short fuse that seems to come with the package, usually close to best friend Trajectory, going out with Streak. Severe scarring on both forearms, usually hidden by red wrap-around tied on like bandages.
Rides: custom built lightweight cobalt racer named Anarchy, with a matching attitude. Armed with nitrous and rear grapling, two front mounted heavy lasers either side of the nose (making 4 in total). Sentient.
Secondary ride: Raven armed with SRM-6 on torso, one medium laser on head, two small lasers one on each arm, equipped with jump jets with extra fuel tanks, very low armour rating, minimal heat sinks


Callsign/s: Marauder-07
Rank: Pilot
Origin: Tir Tairngire mobile base, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 18
Height: 1.83m (~6'0")
Weight: 85kg (187lbs)
Build: medium
Eyes: amber
Fur: chocolate and cream piebald, quite prominent chocolate patch over one eye
Mane: black dreds with hints of red from where it got foiled once
Identifying marks: tattoo of gold snake with tail in mouth forming circle and red eyes on left upper arm
Personality: mistrustful
Demeanour: protective
Note: electrokinetic, rarely far from Starzone
Rides: custom built blood red racer named Wired, bulkier than Anarchy but same shape, armed with nitrous and rear mounted grapling hook, front mounted mini-PPC hidden in nose, two light lasers either side of nose (total). Sentient.
Secondary ride: Marauder armed with two LRM20 (torso), ultraAC20 (right arm), Gauss rifle (left arm), ER large laser (right arm), four ER small lasers (two on right arm, two on head), four ER medium lasers (two on head, two on left arm), extra ammo for both guns in torso, extra layer of single heat sinks in both arms.


Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Origin: Temple of the Moons, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 37
Height: 1.85m (6'1")
Weight: 85kg (187lbs)
Build: wiry
Eyes: black, reflection of moons (one in each)
Fur: black
Mane: black, long contained in a loose ponytail
Identifying marks: tattoo of gold snake with tail in its mouth forming a circle with red eyes on inside right wrist, electric blue scarring all over back, one electric blue scar trailing across left cheek pointing towards muzzle
Personality: observant
Demeanour: quiet
Note: psychokinetic empath, Inquisitor. Often looks like he's second guessing when about to act. Best way to piss him off is to threaten his kids, unless you're Lorus whom he can't fight. Reacts violently to being touched unless very familiar with the person.
Rides: big black chopper named Majestic, armed with nitrous and rear grapling. Sentient and big enough to handle Anarchy and Wired if they get out of control.



Origin: Brimstone City, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 19
Height: 1.80m (5'10")
Weight: 80kg (176lbs)
Build: medium
Eyes: dark red
Fur: red
Mane: burnished red, long in a ponytail
Identifying marks: livid purple birthmark down right side of face going onto neck
Personality: determinedly happy
Demeanour: happy-go-lucky
Note: going out with Starzone, trying to get used to all the weird crap that happens around that group with some difficulty. Good thing he loves his girl or he'd have run ages ago :P


Callsign: Medic!
Origin: Tir Tairngire mobile base, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 23
Height: 1.65m (5'5"ish)
Weight: 50kg (110lbs)
Build: slim
Eyes: blue
Fur: aqua
Mane: white, long, usually braided or at least in ponytail
Personality: gentle
Demeanour: good bedside manner, cold calculating in UnSeelie mode
Note: aquakinetic. Has a knack for making people feel better even if she can't fix them.


Callsign: Techy
Origin: Tir Tairngire mobile base, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 19
Height: 1.78m (5'10"ish)
Weight: 80kg (176lbs)
Build: small-medium
Eyes: red behind spectacles
Fur: white with black executioner hood
Mane: white Einstein shock mop
Personality: congenial
Demeanour: slightly puzzled/thoughtful
Note: genius, has a spinal injury which makes him walk with a slight limp and his tail doesn't move much
Rides: a flippable unflappable mostly sentient mildly psychotic quad bike called Gyro which is completely harmless aside from the mounted front flamethrower. Also has a rear grapling.


Callsign: Atlas-01/Cavalry Beta Starleader
Rank: Starleader
Origin: Tir Tairngire mobile base, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 18
Height: 1.77m (5'10"ish)
Weight: 100kg
Build: stocky
Eyes: blue
Fur: beach sand yellow
Mane: straight blonde shot with platinum, short, small plait tied in front of ear on left side
Personality: protective
Demeanour: intimidating
Identifying marks: red-eyed gold hoop snake tattooed on left upper arm
Notes: hates bounty hunters and will take them out unless physically prevented. Firstborn of triplets. Right forearm is cybernetic.
Rides: Atlas armed with four LRM20s (torso), two UltraAC20s (each arm), two LBXAC20s (each arm), two ER large lasers (each arm), four ER medium lasers (one each arm, two on head), six ER small lasers (two each arm, two head), equipped with extra ammo in torso, extra double heat sinks on arms, extra single heat sink on head, extra armour on legs and torso


Callsign: Dire Wolf-01

Rank: Pilot
Origin: Tir Tairngire mobile base, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 18
Height: 1.77m (5'10"ish)
Weight: 96kg
Build: stocky
Eyes: blue
Fur: beach sand yellow
Mane: straight blonde shot with platinum, short, small plait tied in front of ear on left side
Personality: easygoing
Demeanour: cheerful
Identifying marks: red-eyed gold hoop snake tattoeed on left upper arm
Notes: Second born of triplets. Both legs and left arm cybernetic.
Rides: Dire Wolf armed with two PPCs (one arm), two Flamers (one on each arm), two large ER lasers (one each arm), two medium ER lasers (one each arm, two head), ten small ER lasers (four each arm, two head, four torso), one LRM20 (left arm), one Gauss rifle (left arm), one experimental anti-air guided missile launcher (right arm), equipped with extra ammo in torso, anti-air missile container and autoloader in torso, extra double heat sinks on both arms, extra single heat sink on head, extra armour on head, torso and legs


Callsign: Timber Wolf-02
Rank: Pilot
Origin: Tir Tairngire mobile base, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 18
Weight: 1.63m (5'4"?)
Weight: 54kg (119lbs)
Build: stocky
Eyes: blue
Fur: beach sand yellow
Mane: straight blonde shot with platinum, longer than her brothers but not long enough to warrant tying back, small plait tied in front of ear on left side
Personality: friendly
Demeanour: playful
Identifying marks: red-eyed gold hoop snake tattoeed on left upper arm
Notes: Third born of triplets. Has cybereyes.
Rides: Timber Wolf armed with two LRM20s (one each arm), two SSRM6s (one each arm), two UltraAC2s (one each arm), two medium ER lasers (one each arm), one light ER laser (head), equipped with extra ammo in torso, extra armour in torso.


Origin: Tenaga (a planet full of shapeshifters)
Species: Bayangan Pahlawan
Age: Bayangan (adult, they do age strangely)
Height: 1.9m (6'3"ish) in default form, give or take a few centimetres in other forms
Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
Build: usually slender with long limbs
Eyes: dark blue, look like cut gemstones embedded in head, lidless, can't be shifted
Fur: very dark blue-purple, can't be shifted
Mane: black dreds, go tentacular when in war mode
Personality: protective
Demeanour: alert
Note: default form is a very big cat, with very long limbs and large eats vaguely shaped like butterfly wings
Rides: a Leviathan named Lilandra


Origin: Tenaga (a planet full of shifters)
Species: Bayangan Bateri
Age: Naungan (juvenile)
Height: around 1.4m (4'ish)
Weight: around 26kg (79lbs)
Build: slight
Eyes: blue, look like cut gemstones embedded in head, lidless, can shift, can't change colour
Skin/fur: white (can't change colour)
Mane: red (can't change colour)
Personality: quiet
Demeanour: alert
Note: default form is similar to western ideals of an elf
Rides: a Leviathan named Lilandra


Origin: Tenaga
Species: Bayangan Duta
Age: Bayangan
Height: around 1.83m
Weight: 60kg
Build: generally slender, usually whatever passes for toned in the forms adopted
Eyes: dark blue, cut gemstones, can shift and change colour as necessary
Fur: white with dark spotted pattern, can change colour
Mane: dark gold, can change colour
Personality: diplomatic
Demeanour: friendly, occasionally sensuous
Note: default form is a white winged ocelot-like creature.  Alluring, may be able to erode a subject's willpower (depending on the subject) if it can get eye contact for longer than a second.  Will use pheromones to charm or seduce information out of someone or to get itself out of trouble and is generally useless in a fight.


Origin: Tenaga
Species: Bayangan Pahalwan
Age: Bayangan
Height: 1.9m or so
Weight: 60kg or so
Build: usually slender with long limbs
Eyes: dark blue, cut gemstone, can't shift or change colour
Fur: blue-black, can't change colour
Mane: black dreads that go tentacular when in war mode
Personality: protective
Demeanour: alert
Note: default form is a sleek panther-like creature with butterfly ears


Origin: Tenaga
Species: Bayangan Pahlawan
Age: Bayangan
Height: 2.3m or so
Weight: 80kg
Build: big
Eyes: red, cut gemstones, can't shift or change colour
Fur: red like rust
Mane: rusty red shot through with blonde, is a mane like a male lion
Personality: commanding
Demeanour: intimidating
Notes: default form looks like an oversized fox



Origin: Temple of the Moons, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 42
Height: 1.88m (6'2")
Weight: 88kg (193lbs)
Build: well
Eyes: dark blue, reflection of moons (one in each)
Fur: midnight blue, silver streaked
Mane: black, shoulder length, worn loose
Personality: calm
Demeanour: controlling
Note: aura of power, incites terror and deference in everyone around him (how well they handle it depends on the character in question)


Callsign: X-86
Species: Albino clone X-series
Height: 2.10m (~7')
Weight: 200kg (440lbs)
Build: brick ****house
Eyes: red
Fur: white
Personality: creepy
Demeanour: sadistic
Note: the only clone to have developed an actual personality and ability to respond to external stimuli in the way a natural organism would. They haven't yet been able to duplicate him. Probably just as well considering how he turned out.

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(Anything not filled in at the moment, I'll fill in later, as I discover them.)


Origin: Brimstone City, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 18
Height: 6'0"
Build: Average
Eyes: pink
Fur: Honey Gold (like Throttle's)
Mane: White, with pink streaks, short, with red and gold beads on the ends.
Identifying marks: Biker Mice logo tattoo, with a red mouse head instead of black. If one was to look closely, one would find the nose of the mouse head a small, heart shape.
Personality: Friendly
Rides: Red classic Harley Davison softail named Pele. Armed with the normal two heavy lasers in front and a pair of missile launchers in back. Sentient.

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Vincent "Vinnie" van Wham II

Callsign/s: VinnieII
Rank: n/a
Origin: unknown, Mars
Species: Martian mouse
Age: 21
Height: 1.93m (~6'3")
Weight: 166kg (?lbs)
Build: slightly muscular
Eyes: red (cybernetic, ehm.. like G. LaForge in ST First Contact)
Fur: white
Identifying marks: mostly his oddlooking eyes, rest is quite good hidden though he walks a bit differently due to cybernetic implants in his legs aswell.
Personality: friendly but cautius
Note: amnaesia, due to some accident he can't remember the memories before that are mostly lost. Sometimes he get a glimps of it, but it usually stays withl that.
Rides: A black and modified black racing-type motorcycle. Armed with several defencesystems and a touchy but humouress AI..

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Blitz Knightale

Origin: Bonneville Crater, Mars
Species: Mouse
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 180lbs
Build: medium
Eyes: dark blue
Fur: medium brown
Mane: Green mohawk
Personality: likes to fool around, cheeky, gets serious when she needs to
Demeanour: intelligent, thoughtful, smiles a lot
Rides: dark green and black sports bike with a couple of weapons modifications and an AI that is programmed not to let her drive whilst drunk (see below) .
Note: Likes to drink, which can be a problem.

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Nova D'Soto Draconus

Callsign/s: None
Rank: Captian
Origin: Unknown
Species: Draconic
Age: 3000+ (looks 26)
Height: almost 8'
Weight: 268lbs
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Light Blue
Scales/Fur: White, with blue tribal markings
Mane: Silver hair, with a line of feathers trailing from his horns to the tip of his tail.
Identifying marks: Two Light blue Triangles beneath his eyes.
Personality: Quiet, Often Brash
Demeanour: Protective
Note: Experienced energy user, but prefers not to use it for personal reasons. Often adopts a Father-Figure mindset, will do what he can to help when possible. Dosn't speak much of his past, prefering to leave it behind. Has a knack for mechanics and electronics, but a bit of a black thumb when it comes to plants.
Rides: Large, Silvered Cargo Ship/Cruiser. Sentient AI with Astral abilities. Offensive and Defensive systems unkown at this time.

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Hope this is OK.

Callsign/s: Scout
Origin: Unknown, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 24
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120lbs
Build: Slight, but toned.
Eyes: Green
Fur: Black and white harlequin (see notes)
Mane: black, usually worn in three braids
Identifying marks: scar tissue on neck, wrists and ankles. The neck and wrist scars are covered by a soft leather collar and cuffs, the ankles obviously by boots. Three hoops in left ear and two studs in right.
Personality: Suspicious, aloof until she gets to know you better
Demeanour: protective, agressive
Note: Harlequin pattern is black right side of torso and white left. White 'glove' on right forearm and black 'glove' on right forearm. Left lower leg is black and right lower leg is white. Tail is white. From muzzle up is black, but below the muzzle is white. Trained as a scout (think ninja), very old profesion of which there are precious few members left. Trained to use throwing knives, throwing stars, archery and twin swords (think katanas).
Rides: Black racer with silver detailing, front lazers, rocket booster at back. AI is very protective of Domino and has a rather quirky and light-hearted personality and insists on being known as Ridyah.


Origin: Brimstone City, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 21
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 225lbs
Build: Lean, Wiry, definite muscle-tone
Eyes: Violet
Fur: Black
Mane: Chestnut, worn in a braid that hangs to the bottom of his shoulder-blades
Identifying marks: None
Personality: Friendly, joking, cheeky, can be serious when he has to, annoying to most people
Demeanour: appears to be very hyper-active, always smiling and joking and very friendly. But it is all an act to keep people from getting close to him, he has moments where he is so quiet and still that people forget he is there.
Note: Duo is an expert at stealth and bomb-making. Very good thief and some-what of an assassin. He has a knife sheathed on his left fore-arm, daggers sheathed on his thighs and a short-range cross-bow for emergency use. Lock-picks and explosive putty hidden at the base of his braid.
Rides: Black sports bike with green detailing. Has standard weapons plus rocket booster at the back. The defense system is equipped with hyper jammers that conceal it from cameras and radar. Standard AI, named Scythe.

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Kineela "Kin" Ashen
Callsign/s Kin (if this means this.)
Gender Female
Rank Colonel
Origin Mars
Species mouse
Age 21
Height 1.65m (~5'5")
Weight 65kg
Build slight, with a hint of muscles
Eyes red
Fur snow white.
Hair black
Identifying marks a slim scar, which acrosses her face.
Personality Calm and friendly, untill she is irritated enough to unleash her personal hell. She has very strong leaderdship.
Demeanour Very mother-like. Worries, protects and most likely would die for her friends and subordinates.
Note She is capable of metamorphosis (fury form, which gives her incredible strength, but slows her a lot), but only, when she is in the right state of mind completely furious or scared. (Doesn´t happen too often)
Rides a pale white street racer, with a couple of adjustments like guns and a grabbling hook.
[is this ok?]

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Origin: Brimstone City, Mars
Species: mouse
Age: 21
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 225lbs
Build: Lean, Wiry, definite muscle-tone
Eyes: Violet
Fur: Black
Mane: Chestnut, worn in a braid that hangs to the bottom of his shoulder-blades
Identifying marks: None
Personality: Friendly, joking, cheeky, can be serious when he has to, annoying to most people
Demeanour: appears to be very hyper-active, always smiling and joking and very friendly. But it is all an act to keep people from getting close to him, he has moments where he is so quiet and still that people forget he is there.
Note: Duo is an expert at stealth and bomb-making. Very good thief and some-what of an assassin. He has a knife sheathed on his left fore-arm, daggers sheathed on his thighs and a short-range cross-bow for emergency use. Lock-picks and explosive putty hidden at the base of his braid.
Rides: Black sports bike with green detailing. Has standard weapons plus rocket booster at the back. The defense system is equipped with hyper jammers that conceal it from cameras and radar. Standard AI, named Scythe.

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Name: Unknown.

Nick: Known as MP to most peoble. Tail-Less (The name is being misundestod for Tale-Less, in many legends), Princess of the Starkers (Only by the Starkers).

Origin: Unknown.

Species: Unknown, but looks like a mix of a Chiness/Japaness woman.

Age: Unknown, she decided to stop counting as she turned 100 (looks like 24).

Height: 170 cm (5'6").

Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs).

Build: Slightly muscular.

Eyes: Dark green.

Skin: Pale.

Hair: Dark brown, almost black.

Personality: Wise and bit tired of life.

Demeanour: Protective, always ready to jump into a fight.

Note: She's an energy vampire and she can drain energy from everthing and everyone, she can kill with the draining of energy, but prefers not to do so. If she has drained energy from somebody, who's got some special power/-s, then she can use the power/-s for 15 min. (kinda like Rogue from X-men) She's always on the look for new fighting skills and is willing to do almost everything to get them. She's a very good martial art fighter. She lives by the rules of the Peacekeepers, eventhough she sometimes think of the rules as a curse.

Past: She was born into her homeplanets main family of Peacekeepers. Back when she was a child she was very weak, almost always sick. Her family did everything they could to keep her healthy, but nothing helped. As she was in her late teens, her whole family got massacred by some unknown peoble, she was the only survivor and everyone blamed her for surviveing, some even claimed, she was behind the massacre. The rumours ended in a trial, where she was found guilty and became banished from her homeplanet. She fled to Earth and lived there as a streetkid, untill the night where she was attacked by a vampire, who turned her into a vampire. Since she diden't wanted to drink blood, because of the rules of the Peacekeepers, she became weaker and weaker, until a day when a gipsy found her as good as death, the gipsy realised what was wrong and casted a spell on her, transforming her into a energy vampire, insted of a normal vampire.

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Name: Claw Fang
Origin: A dimension named Shrioth, the home of animal-like demons
Species: cat
Age: 17
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Build: petite, yet strong
Eyes: Green, turns red when she is in her demon form
Fur: white
Mane: brown ponytail
Identifying marks: None
Personality: Independent and stubborn
Demeanour: Hothead
Note: Had a demon cat father and a cat mother from another universe. Is part Demon, and can turn Demon, but can't control it and goes into total Berserk mode.
Rides: Has just learned to ride a blue motorcycle.

Name: Cassandra Lockhart
Nickname: Cass or Cassie.
Origin: Is part American and part Australian. Lived in New Zealand, Tokyo and now New York.
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Build: Welltrained after 10 years of martial arts training
Eyes: Blue
Skin: very light tan
Hair: Darkbrown, chinlength and ruffy
Identifying marks: Always wears a blue headband
Personality: Friendly, loner, quiet, tomboy.
Demeanour: Loner.
Note: Has magical powers, but rarely uses them, exept when in great danger or when someone needs her help. Can control rocks, plants, anything in nature and sometimes gets dizzy when something evil is going on.
Rides: A black and red bicycle.

Name: Angelina Johnson
Nickname: Angie
Origin: Part British and part Spanish. Lived in Spain the 7 first years of her life, then moved to Wales, and then to New York when she turned 15.
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Build: Is well trained, and could also be a nice model. Has a moderate chest size, and is perfectly shaped all over.
Eyes: Green
Skin: Sun-tanned.
Hair: Longe blonde curls. Often wears a ponytail.
Identifying marks: Always wears some daring type of clothes. Loves to show some skin.
Personality: Hotheaded, aggressive, low patience, but also friendly, but mostly towards her closest friends. Loves violence and loves to kick butt.
Demeanour: Hothead.
Note: Lives with her mother and younger brother in a average-sized apartment on Manhattan.
Rides: A green motorcycle with black streaks on the side.

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Callsign/s: Silent Feet, Runner, Braid
Rank: Private
Origin: South Briar Rose, Mars
Species: Mouse
Age: 29
Height: 1.82 m (6’)
Weight: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Build: Average
Eyes: Green
Fur: White, very soft
Mane: Black, never controlled and hangs down over left eye, also keeps a small braid running down in front of his right ear.
Identifying Marks: Two thick black bands tattooed around his upper arms, symbolising his remembrance of all the fallen Martians. Always wears blue lensed glasses to protect his eyes from harsh light. Wears three small gold studs in left ear and a single hoop in his right ear.
Personality: Cautious
Demeanour: Defensive
Rides: Custom built lightweight black racer named Killer. Armed with forward and rear grappling hook launchers, two front mounted lasers either side of the launcher and twin grenade launchers, running the full length of the bike. Extremely sentient.

Was abused as a small child and therefore finds it very hard to trust people, especially those who are bigger than him.
Has a preference for guys over girls, but keeps this a deep secret as he still has fears of being beaten up.
Dreams of one day riding free and never having to obey anyone’s orders.

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Name: Derek Lou'p

Origin: Lupron, Warzone Sector

Age: 22

Height: 6ft 2inch (roughly)

Build: Slim/Fit/Athletic

Eyes: Ice Blue

Fur Colour: Jet black with silver-grey front (chest and abs zone mainly) that's also at the base of his snout and tail.

Hair: Black, fairly short except for the fringe which hangs to just above the eyes and out of the way.

Race: Wolf, Lupronian

Planatery Details (In Brief):

Lupron is one of the largest and most advanced planets in existence. One of the largest variety of lifeforms and technology can be found on Lupron but since it is more or less divided you won't find one place the same as the other. For example there are the sections of which are mainly occupied by the higher in charge, sections which are more crime and/or war based, and so on.

On Lupron one of the more common species are anthropomorphic wolves which populate in the planet much like humans on Earth (or mice on Mars). It is all in all a complicated yet simple planet to understand but the information on this planet and inhabitants are still in the process of being recorded.

Character Bio:

Derek is a survivor, having been one of the few civilians who managed to survive one of the great wars of his home world. Having managed to barely escape with his life Derek aims to improve on that of which he feels he didn't have the time to do.

His love for life is something to this day he holds strongly but due to having practically fend for himself after having suffered a great loss in family and friends in the war he is also very Independent and has a tendency to be a little headstrong and too confident at times. Generally though he's pretty laid back and though he doesn't give his trust away very easily he isn't the type to shrug one away without first giving them a chance.

Even though he spends a lot of his time alone Derek is a thrill seeker at heart, always looking out for new adventures and thrills but never throwing caution to the wind and avoids at his best to ever do the same mistake twice.

He is either a loyal friend or one's worst enemy and though he has a quick temper for the most part he's an easy going, confident kind of thrill seeker. Think Vinnie only in wolf form. Basically.

A bit of a tech guru Derek can usually find the answers to most technology problems and has been known to work on a few upgrades here and there from time to time. That and he has a bit of know-how in the mechanics field too.

As far as fighting is concerned Derek would prefer not to fight if he can avoid but when he does he fights with style and with tactics...well...okay the tactics part is debatable. He has a tendency to be a little reckless when it comes to fights and often looses his temper a little too quickly. But at the same time that all depends on the moment.

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Callsign/s: pattymouse
Rank: n/a
Origin: Mars
Species: Martian mouse
Age: 9
Height: 1.3m
Weight: 23kg (?lbs)
Build: To keep planet safety both mars and earth, and to help people how to Care
Eyes: red
Fur: light brown
Mane: Dark brown hair
Identifying marks: Crest of heart
Personality: Very Cheerfull , friendly , i love to be Caring and sharing with people
Note: sometime i feel sad when i remember my parents has been killed when i was young 5 years old ,but my sister Carbine take care of me , so i really proud my sister , she very kind
Rides: by Throttle bikes , or my digimon when he digivolot

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My character list to Start with. >_


Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Mouse
Orgin: Mars
Height: 5'9
Weight: 168lbs
Body: Medium frame, toned.
hair: Copper
Eyes: Amber
Fur: Ice-capachino (or coffee with lots of milk)
Persona: Polight
History: Was an officer at Fearborn Poilice Department before Fearborn was captured by the Plutarkians, he was caught with several others from the town by Sandraiders and spent time as a slave being dragged around the sands of Mars watchng others be bought and sold and sued. He was used a cheap labour whenever the Canines needed something dug, filled, moved, buried.

name: Winters
Age – 32
Gender: male
Species: Mouse
Origin: Mars; Hellfire.
Height – 6’1
Weight- 173 lbs
Body Build – muscular on a medium frame
Hair – Dirty Blond almost brown with blue frosting on the edges.
Eyes – Pale blue
Fur - Light storm cloud gray with frosted blue tinge on the ears and whiskers. Blueish tinge to shadows of the fur.
ID markings: N/A
Personality: Born Leader. Reluctantly. He's down and dirty when it gets to it. He takes care of his boys and does everything he can to bring everyone home.
Demeanour: Protective, Gets the job done.
Rides: Standard issue AI bike.

Name: Bull
Age: 28
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Origin: Mars
Height: 6'4
Weight: 200 lbs -minus clothing and gear.
Build: Large frame, Very muscular.
hair: Blond, short ratty - brush cut growing out.
Fur: pale, between white, gray and a blondy beige.
Eyes: red.
ID’ing Marks: Scar on his cheek, rip in his ear from a bullet graze.
Scars on his left shoulder from a ricochet.
Right leg pock marked from gernade shrapnal.
Personality: Tough, strong guy. Looking out for the little guys or recruits. loves to be in the center of the battle feild, down and dirty with choas all around.
Demeanor: Loyal, protective.
Rides: Standard Issue AI bike.
Notes: Doesn't back down from a fight. More than willing to join one even if it isn't his.

Age: 10
Gender: Male
Fur: Long furred Blond
Eyes:Emerald Green
Hair:Dark Red
Notes: Sold to Sandraiders.


Name: Stone
Feild: Assassin
Age – 27-ish
Gender: Male
Species: Rat
Origin: Mars; Canyon Tribe
Height 6'3 1/2
Weight- 179 lbs
Body Build – meduim frame; muscular,
Hair – N/a
Eyes – Gray
Fur - Steel gray with lighter gray ears, muzzle tip, throat and chest.
ID markings: scar under his left eye, a small bite out of his right ear tip. few other small scars.
:Personality:Cold, Mean. He's in if for the money and the success, nothing more. there is no 'relationship' in business. Just an I.
Demeanour: Standoff-ish, selfish, do as I say or I shoot you.
Rides: When he has to, an old Buff n' Low, Tuff Rider bike.

Name: Sleet
Feild: assassin
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species Rat
Orgin: Mars; Canyon Tribe
height: 5'7 (and growing)
Weight 147lbs (And gaining)
Body build: Medium frame, medium mucsel build.
Fur: a Deep gray holding an almost blue gray color
eyes: Black
Id Markings: His ears are smaller and rounder than most rats.
Personality: shy, awkward, does as hes ordered quickly, efficiantly.
Rides: A Muffled Motorcycle

Name: Ratter
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Species Rat
Orgin: Mars
height: 6'5 if standing stright. 6'3 due to being hunched in the shoulders.
Weight 200lbs
Body build: Mediume frame, borad shoulders, slight pot belly.
Fur: brown, longer graying whiskers over a lighter cream brown chin.
eyes: black
Id Markings: hunched in the shoulders from too many bar chairs broken over his back. Battle scared from owning and bouncing his own bar.
Personality: prickly. Like any good bartender, lends an ear and advice when hes needed.
Demeanour: Prickly, its all for the bar, Rattlers; Fatherly if known for a LONG time.
background: Ratter owns a Saloon called Rattlers (The L keeps falling down confusing customers with his name and the bars name) theres 5 rooms adjoining the bar.
Ratter is the ONLY one in the dusty delapilated city of Vein Valley that relays messages to the mysterious merchanary rats of the Canyon Tribe.
Rides: -Doesn't-

Name: Jenner
Feild: Interrigator
Age: 27-ish
Gender: Male
Species Rat
Orgin: Mars; Canyon Tribe
height: 6'3
Weight: 180 lbs
Body build: large frame, mucular and toned.
Fur: Black
eyes: yellow (orangish red in the right light)
Id Markings: Various scars all over his body, shredded ears, a black insisor tooth, yellow teeth. Long sharp black claws. His hands are big for his arms n' body.
Personality: Hes down right mean. a true opertunist and a brute. He liked it his way or no way. and if it means TAKING it he will. What ever he wants he will get, one way or another. If he has to stalk it, hunt it down, or bide his time to pounce. He will get what he wants. He enjoys his job, inflicting pain. And is currently -against rules- training his only son thus far.
Demeanour: Mean. His way, no other way. His pleasure no other.
Rides: Dirt Bike.
Secondary Ride: Black cube van on Jobs.

Feild: (In assessment)
Age: 12-(ish)
Gender: Male
Species Rat
Orgin: Mars; Canyon Tribe
height: (growing)
Weight: (Gaining)
Body build: Broad shoulders, toned, starting to become muscular, large frame.
Fur: Dark chestnut brown underneath black, gray belly.
eyes: red
Id Markings: Both ears are pointed and bent. He has a short lightning scar from the top of his nose to his whiskers. Now sporting a deep jagged scar over his left eye, a small claw mark on his lip and a long scar over his right shoulder. His hands are big for his arms n' body.
Personality: Anything to please Jenner. He isn't as violent and has morals deep down and well hidden. He tries hard to be just what Jenner wants him to be.
Demeanour: childish
Rides: just learning to ride a buggy.

name: Wrench (Co-owned by Noroi)
Feild: Assassin In Training By Nega.
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species Rat
Orgin: Mars; Canyon Tribe
height: (growing)
Weight: (Gaining)
Body build: Teenage gangly with mediume bone structure.
Fur: Gray with a black tail ears, nose and claws
eyes: Deep Ash, could be mistaken for black.
Id Markings: none yet

Fast rundown of Canyon Tribe rats.
Sloan (Cave guard)
Fray (cave guard)
Stabilo (Body guard)

Talon (healer nursary)(f) her dabbled coat a mix of gray and black. With white ears and tail.
Thorn (healer,)(f)
Racker: Assessor
Slate (trainee Death Dealer)
Sliver (Slate's trainer, Death Dealer)

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name: Roxanne "Rox" Darius
Age – 25
Gender: Female
Origin: Mars
Height – 5’1
Weight- 124 lbs
Body Build – slight leaning towards toned (Think sarah connor from T2)
Fur: Copper fur, with charcoal black ears and left hand. White markings on chest and muzzle
Hair – charcoal/black
Eyes – Green
ID markings: Diagonal scar running from her nose up her muzzle and just past her eye, various minor scars.
Personality: calm, bitter and sarcastic.

Demeanour: Detached and removed, Can be quite paternal as she originally had a son.

(my first character yay! more to come I hope ^_^)
Rides: Tricked our martian dune buggy.

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H'mmm, seems I need to put character sheet for Redspot

Name - Redspot
Age - 25 (maybe)
Gender - Female
Species - Martian Mouse
H/W/B - female average
fur - white/brown with red spots going from small of back down left leg
hair - brown, shoulder length
abilities - Healer (not doctor but able to heal with mind), adapted by scientist to use electricity
Cycle - red Trike, named Solar, AI

little background: is on the run from someone who has bounty on her for capture and found refuge, for now until she decides to take off agian, in Harley's Bar with Torama's group (at least for the RP if that's all right with Torama)

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Dee Heartland
Callsign/s: Cousin Leanne- Polarisian Fighter Pilot and Co-Polarisian Freedom Fighter Leader
Rank: Co-Polarisian Freedom Fighter Leader
Origin: Polarisia
Species: mouse
Age: 18
Height: 5'6 1/2'
Weight: 154 lbs.
Build: Medium
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Fur: goldish, fine yet course
Mane: brown with bright red and pink streaks
Identifying marks: blue-gray eyes, star-shaped tattoo on the back of right hand, and heart shaped scar on right cheek given to me by an enemy who fell in love with and became obsessed with me (Have no clue where he went, but if I know him he's probably watching me at this very minutes) [i]Makes shifty eyes and looks all over[/i]
Personality: sweet, kind, understanding, empathetic, romantic, sensitive, vulnerable
Demeanour: opening
Notes: Wishes to find a man who'll love her unconditionally, is agravated with but best friends with her cousin and best friend, Leanne. Favorite mode of transportation is my motorcycle which is a red racing bike with pink pin stripes.
Secondary ride: Currently N/A

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Well, I've always wanted to partake in a RPG on a forum, so I give this a shot. Hope this is okay.

Name: Nega
Rank: Former Sergeant in Plutarkian War on Mars, merc
Origin: Small town in Mars, doesn't remember name
Species: Rat
Age: 23
Height: 5'1
Weight: 113
Build: Slight
Eyes: Brown
Fur: Light gray, rough.
Mane: Short black, in small ponytial
Identifying marks: Left ear mostly gone and thin scar running from her neck to elbow on right arm.
Personality: Practical
Notes: Hard, but deep down just wants a place to belong. Loyal to those she can trust, but while trust is earned, she's willing to give people a shot. Use to dislike mice, but has found herself warming up to them due to her life being saved by one in the war. Does what it takes to survive, but does the minimal needed to avoid hurting those around her (if she feels she owes that them that is). Puts herself first but pretty much expects everyone else to do the same for themselves, so wouldn't take it personally if stabbed in the back. Pretty much the typical rat.
Rides: Standard Freedom Fighter motorcycle she 'liberated' on Mars during the war. Never had the heart to get rid of it.

Sorry, forgot to add this when I orignally posted. Saw the rule about no one being allowed previous contact with Cannon characters, and I completely understand. Nega is a character that I used in a fic and fell in love with her, but ONLY in my story has she met anyone like Stoker or the guys, and breifly at that. In the RPG version, just some random mouse who saved her life. I hope that's okay. If not I'll scrap her and come up with someone else.

(Second character, felt she needed a sheet)

Name: B.B.
Rank: none really, merc
Origin: Mars
Species: Rat
Age: 28
Height: 5'11
Weight: 158
Build: Well built, on the busty side
Eyes: pink
Fur: white
Mane: white and thick, ussual in braid
Identifying marks: albino, nothing else
Personality: Sweet and caring to those she loves, a little silly at times
Demeanour: Perky, and sometimes seems like an air head, but serious when she needs to be. Tries to enjoy life to the fullest.
Notes: Former prostitute. She's very smart, but rarely acts like it. She met Nega when the girl was only forteen, and has latched onto her emotionally. Went to find her when she heard the girl was in trouble. Flirts constantly, and good with physical fighting and her pole arm she carries with her, collapsable. (And yes, blatant steal from Babylon 5 Rangers, so don't feel the need to point it out, please. I just liked the thing.)
Rides: None

Name: Jade
Feild: (Trainee) Interrigator
Age: 13
Gender: female
Species Rat
Orgin: Canyon Tribe
height: 5'5
Weight: 125 lbs
Body build: toned, still filling her body out
Fur: Black
Mane: runs slightly past her neck, jagged as she hacks it away herself when it get too long
eyes: red
ID Markings: cresent-shaped scar on left side of face, next to eye
Personality: Cruel and spiteful
Demeanour: Bitter for being born in a world where her fate has seemingly been decided for her.
Notes: Hates the fact that she's been born a female and would rather be a Field than a nameless breeder. Enjoys inflicting pain on others to proves she's just as good or better than them, often gets in fights. Looks down on other females that breed as nothing more than failures and vows never to be like them Craves respect and power above all else.

Name: Chime
Rank: call girl
Origin: Vein Valley
Species: Rat
Age: 15
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 147
Build: Meduim sized, still growing
Eyes: blue
Fur: light brown
Mane: past shoulders, slightly curled at ends
Identifying marks: N/A
Personality: Sweet
Demeanour: Loving and cares deeply about Wrench.
Notes: Turned to prostitution as a result of her mother dying of a disease and her father already out of her life. Works for the Ladies of the Valley Brothel under Madam Sligh. Does not care for her career, but realizes there isn’t much more for her in oppurtunities.

Ladies of the Valley:
A somewhat high-class brothel that call girls work at. Considered safer than the streets for both the girls and the customers. Owned by Madam Sligh, a mouse. Mostly women, though a few men work there as well.

Sabrina- Black furred rat. Specializes in bondage. A bit snarky.
Allen- Red furred mouse. Acts timid, though mostly act to bring customers back. Twin sister to Ginny.
Francine- Gray furred rat. Flirty and fun loving, but addicted to gambling.
Ginny- Red furred mouse. A bit of a tomboy. Twin sister to Allen.
Lance- Brown furred mouse. One of the few men who work with the Ladies.
Maxine- White furred mouse. Actually the daughter of the Madam. A bookworm.

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Name: Tamara
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Mouse
Orgin: Mars
height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 LBS
Body build: Busty but Petite
Fur: Dark Gray
eyes: Red
Id Markings: White hair and Perky Breast's
Personality: Tamara is nice but can be a bit cocky. She gets by on her good looks and knows she can take advantage of people with them.
Demeanour: Tamara walks up right with confidence and struts when she walks.
background: Tamara fought in the Mar's war but was more of an assassin to the force. Became friends with a Rat, Emon who fixes her bike for her.
Rides: 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14


Name: Emon
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Rat
Orgin: Mars
height: 5'4"
Weight: 140 LBS
Body build: Chubby But proportioned
Fur: Light Gray
eyes: Purple
Id Markings: Green hair and goggles on her head
Personality: Nutty, Out spoken, Funny and sarcasticly mean
Demeanour: Walks like a girl but acts like a boy
background: Became a Mechanic for her friend Tamara.
Rides: none

Name: Nicara
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Rat
Orgin: Mars
height: 5'1"
Weight: 190 LBS
Body build: thin and Petite
Fur: White
eyes: Blue
Id Markings: Pink and black leather pants and jacket
Personality: sneeky, smart, snotty, cocky
Demeanour: upright and angry
background: Became a Mechanic and a theif
Rides: standard AI

Kat86 (not verified)
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Name: Destiny Longblade
Nicknames: Desti, Cap
Rank: Captain
Species: Martian Mouse
Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Build: Average, but with a more toned and fit build than most.
Eyes: Dark emerald green
Fur: Light tan brown
Mane: Dark brown hair that is straight and falls to below the shoulder level. Mostly worn down, sometimes in a ponytail.
Identifying marks: A large black tattoo of a stylized 'M' on her back, in between her shoulder blades.
Personality: Confident, alert, slightly wary of strangers, friendly with those she knows, extremely compassionate and defensive of victims, likes to have a plan, a touch of 'army arrogance'
Demeanor: Destiny is a confident girl who resents being dismissed as useless for being female. She hates using her female attributes to get what she wants, and only does that in extreme situations.
Background: Destiny wanted so badly to fight in the Freedom Fighters, but Stoker wouldn't allow it because he knew her father and didn't want to see her end up dead. Refusing to sit by and do nothing she joined the Martian Army, vowing to one day gain a high rank and to never soil her uniform. She eventually rose to the rank of Captain and is often charged with the task of rescuing POW's and bringing relief to victims. She has worked with the Freedom Fighters a few times, but enjoys the structure of army life. She dislikes rats and is unlikely to take them as friends, but she can work with them to get a mission done.
Rides: An AI bike called GoldenRod that is based off of a 1986 Suzuki Katana. The bike is painted dark due and bright yellow, with a matching helmet.
Secondary ride: Whatever she can hitch a ride on!
Notes: Her antennae are bent halfway up due to an illness when she was young.

Name: Tallow
Nicknames: T
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Martian Mouse
Age: 30
Height: 6'
Build: Basic military build, muscular but not huge.
Eyes: Red
Fur:Dark Brown with a section of Light Brown on the bridge of his nose and on the upper part of his forehead.
Mane: Light sandy brown, that ends at the bottom of his neck
Identifying Marks: Light blue tattoo of a bird on his left arm, red and yellow band tattoo on his right arm.
Personality: Easygoing and laid back, loyal to others, helpful to strangers.
Demeanor: Tallow tends to hang back and eye up another before offering a greeting, once the initial contact has been made he is much more open.
Ride: Basic army bike painted dark Violette, has some AI capabilities.
Secondary Ride: Sometimes Destiny's bike.

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Alí Mave Cabell

Nickname/called: The Free one, Al

Rank: fighter

Origin: Mars

Species: Mouse

Age: 20

Height: 1.75 cm

Weight: 70 kg.

Build: beautifull feminin body, but with muscels.

Eyes: left eye Brown, right eye Blue

Fur: light grey

Mane: Spikey and black, the hair often covers her blue eye, because of it's lenght and thickness (it becomes heavy)

Identifying Marks: A scar running from the end of the back to her neck.

Personality: very alert, calm most of the times, shy - but hides it with being extremly aggressive (snarling, defensive ect.) loves kids, friendly with those she knows, alert with the ones she doesn't know.

Demeanour: Defensive/protective, and happy/loveable.

History: Alí had a normal life, her family was big, and very protective, but many of them died, trying to protect mars from the plutarkians. Alí wants to honour them, by fighting too and become a freedom fighter!

Rides: A black Harley Davidson, the model is named FatBoy, but the bikes name is Lil'Lotus, a bike she loves, and cherises.

Notes: When she sees a fight, she gets a adrenalin kick, and wants to join, but she doesn't know how to say it, so she just starts of being aggressive, and after the fight has started, she makes it into a play for her. She's playfull, and happy but she doesn't know how to show it.

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[u][b]Miranda Spear

[b]Nicknames / Other Names :[/b] Martian name (undecided), Doc

[b]Rank : [/b]N/A
[b]Origin : [/b]Earth

[b]Species : [/b]Martian/Human hybrid

[b]Age : [/b]22

[b]Height :[/b] Average

[b]Weight : [/b]Average

[b]Build : [/b]Thinner frame, small chested

[b]Eyes :[/b] Dark blue

[b]Fur :[/b] Very short, velvet like, light tan colour

[b]Mane : [/b]Long and straight (purposefully kept long to aid hiding her ears), slightly darker tan than her fur
Identifying marks : [/b]She is a Martian hybrid and as such has the usual Martian Cave Mouse hallmarks of ears, pronounced buckteeth, tail and antenna. However, all her features are much smaller than her full-blooded Martian counterparts.
Personality : [/b]Quiet and sullen, she takes a professional and distant approach with everyone to keep them far away from her and keep the pretence of being a human, if eccentric medic
Demeanour :

Notes : [/b]Miranda is a female Martian-Human hybrid who lives in an underground complex underneath a junkyard. Her mother, Dr. Chassis,  was a Martian Freedom Fighter who fled Mars to escape persecution after being accused of turning traitor to the invading Plutarkian army. Her father, Sam, was a trucker for a haulage company who stumbled into Chassis when hitchhiking to Chicago. Despite the obvious species difference, the two settled down and miraculously managed to produce a daughter, Miranda. However, being an exile meant that Chassis couldn't bring her daughter back to her home planet and she died on Earth without a chance to clear her name, Sam fdying a few years afterwards.
Miranda is more than aware of her very difficult social status and seeing her mother having to hide her appearence for years made that worse. She is proud of her Martian heritage but also harbours bitter resentment to the same species that exiled her mother and wants nothing to do with her. As such, she answers to her human name more than her Martian one.

Due to her combined parent's professions, she can drive both four-wheel drive vehicles as well as motorcycles (though not legally; legally doing so would require a drivers license and a photograph) and is trained in basic Martian and human medicine. Since she has no formal education, being entirely home-schooled, she has no legal right to be called a doctor but this also means she can treat local people without charging the same rates as a trained doctor. Despite her cold and distant attitude, she's a great favourite of her neighbours who merely think of her as eccentric and happily ask for care in return for a few scraps of food or other nessesities (her excuse being she's afraid of the outdoors, when really it's to protect her appearence from the outside world)
She traditionally dresses in a long white labcoat, tall black leather motorcycle boots, black pants, black t-shirt (no exposed chest), a surgeons mask to hide her muzzle, a pair of black sunglasses to hide the area around her eyes, her hair put up in large feathered bunches around her ears to cover them, her antenna pinned down into her hair with hairclips, and latex gloves to disguise her hands

[b]Rides :[/b] She is currently building her own motorcycle from 'scratch' (i.e. taking parts of dead motorcycles in the junkyard), something she and her mother consider a rite of Martian passage for her. However, she is capable of riding other motorcycles due to her mothers training

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Species:Human Female
Height:1.65 meters
Weight:60 kg
Build:Lightly muscled
Hair:Chestnutbrown and falls just underdneath her schoulderblades with waves in it
Eyes:Creen with a little bit grey in it
Identiying marks:Has a average tatto in the middel of her back of a horse with wings.
personality:Headstrong female,loyal,romantic and sensitive
Note:Anna is been abused since childhood and been kicked out when she whas 15 years old by her parents.She is a troublemaker but in her heart she is a very sensitive and loyal person.After swichting back and forward between shelters,she found out that she has a aunt in Chicao,USA.Charley take her in to her house and flyes her over from the Netherlands.She helps around in the garage and learns to ride bikes.She pretends she doesn't care for the garage or the bikes.When she is done with her work in the garage she looks herself up in her room and drwas and listen to music.Anna has a big love for horses and sneak out at night to go to the horsetrack.She works there in the stables and then her real personaltiy appears.A young womam that dreams of love and understanding.Also she is always there cheerful.And forget the past.She loves speed and action,that is why she always seeks trouble
Rides:sometimes one a bleu bike of the garage but dreams of her own red racebike.

Origin:Deep valley,Mars
Species:Female Mouse
Height:1.70 meters
Weight:75 kg
Mane:Light tan with black stripes in it
Identifying marks:Has a bigscar running over her right leg and a tatto of a eye with a tear on her left arm.
Personality:Hothead,loner,intelligent,Quiet,very loyal
Note:Volecette is a very loyal person to the freedom fighters.She has been born just before the war started and lost her father in the war.Her mother(Voxan) whas taking by the plutarikans and she never heard from her again.She whas caught by rats but Carbine rescued her and trained her to a great soldier.She has learned to close down her emotions and is a person who will take you done with no regerts.She is a hothead who seeks action just so she doesnt have feel something,only adrealine to stay a live.Her heart has been broken once and she close it.She doesn't let get anybody near her feelings.She has also a strong opinion about hybrids.
Ride:A freedom fighter bike