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Carbine's age

hi everyone

does anyones know about carbine ages between 1993 and 2006


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Joined: 04 Oct 2006

I don't think it was ever specified, but I'd assume about the same age as the bros (Vinnie 21, Throttle and Modo 23 at the start of the original series) - so, early 20s at the start of the original series, mid-thirties now.

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She's oooooold...and that's why she's gray...

Carbine: DEATH! *attacks*
Kishi: Did I mention that lovely temper she has? *flees*

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I think that in the first series Carbine's at least 22/23 and early to mid-thirties in the 2006 revival, just like the Bros.

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By now she must be 42