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Year and mice ages in OUATOM

I've been trying to work out when Once Upon A Time on Mars take place, and the ages of the mice at that time.  I'm assuming that the Bros arrived on Earth in 1993 (the year the series was first broadcast).  At that time we know that Vinnie was 21 and the other two were 23.  Presumably Carbine was about the same age.  We also know at the time of the OUATOM, Rimfire was 16, considered too young to fight (although by the time of Back to Mars he was a fully fledged Freedom Fighter).  That gives us a minimum age - none of the lead Mice could have been younger than 17.

Events which seem to have happened between OUATOM and Rock and Ride include (in no particular order):

  • The Bros carry out an extensive search for Harley.
  • The Bros leave Mars, and are seemingly captured again (probably stealing a ship in the process).
  • Limburger and co sent to Earth, and have time to destroy a fair chunk of Chicago, including digging The Pits.
  • The Pit Boss moves into The Pits and has time to turn it into an extensive underground base.
  • The Plutarkian War heats up, going so badly for the Cave Mice that that the Captain of the Destroyer in R&R believes they have been wiped out.

You'd need a decent amount to time to do all that.  Vinnie needs to be not only old enough to fight, but old enough to be a leading members of the Freedom Fighters; however, his skills still need a bit of honing.

Therefore, I estimate OUATOM to have taken place in 1991.  That would make Vinnie 19, and the other two Bros 21 (I originally said 18 for Vinnie, 20 for the others, but I decided there needed to be a slighter bigger age gap between them and Rimfire).  Harley seems more mature than Vinnie - that might just be personality, but I'd guess she's a couple of years older than him, too.  Stoker, I'd imagine, is in his mid- to late-30s, not as old as he seems but prematurely aged by the strain of the War and later of his imprisonment.  Rimfire, as I say, is the only one who's age is established on screen, as 16.  It'd be interesting to know how old he and Modo are supposed to be in the flash-back in Back to Mars, as he seems very young whilst Modo is fully mature!

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I thought your same things ^^ Nothing else to say.

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Also take into consideration: a year on Mars is almost 2 Earth years (and a fully day on Mars is 19 hours, while on Earth it's 24).  they were also off planet for a while, where time passes by differently.  So that could have an effect too.

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They seem to use Earth measurments of dating for reason.  Otherwise in OUATOM, Rimfire would be about 30 by our standards, and when they arrived on Earth the Bros would already be in their 40s!  Therefore, when they say Rimfire is 16, in Martian years he would be only about 8.

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Maybe the mice in Mars are just aging quicker than we humans down here on Earth do...? After all some animals are getting older quite quickly in just some years..  Rimfire in that sense can look relatively young in the episode where the siblings' uncle Modo is coming to greet them n then he has suddenly grown in the OUTOM eps...