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Music you asociate with the show

I don't think we've done this before - if so, feel free to give me a slap around the head and point me in the right direction!

This is inspired by a discovery I made.  I'd been searching for a piece of music for ages; I'd heard it, or bits of it, a few times on TV programmes and trailers, but never been able to find it (my first encounter was this trailer for Doctor Faustus: ).  I finally tracked it down and it turned out to be Terry Devine-King's Red Planet!  (Maybe it should be the forum theme tune ;-) ).

Anyway, it got me thinking: what other songs and pieces of music make you think of BMFM?  Apart from the theme tune etc, obviously.  There's Holt's Mars, The Bringer of War from The Planets suite, of course.  Another one for me is Two Steps from Hell's Freedom Fighters.  Another is Love Don't Roam, originally written from the British sci-fi series Doctor Who.  In particular it makes me think of the doomed romance of Vinnie and Harley, especially the following lyrics:

"And I've met some bug-eyed Joes,
I've met the blessed, I've met the damned."
I have wandered, I have rambled
I have crossed this crowded sphere,
And I've seen a mass of problems
That I long to disappear.
Now, all I have's this anguished heart,
For you have vanished too.
Oh, my girl, my girl, my precious girl,
Just what is this man to do?
But a fighting man forgets each cut
Each knock, each bruise, each fall,
But a fighting man cannot forget
Why his love don't roam no more."
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I used to associate most things ACDC with the show.  Then I started at this kung fu school where all they would play was ACDC and I deleted all associations with ACDC from everything :P

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oh, i've heard that red planet song so many times but never knew the name of the song XD cool... for some reason everytime i hear van halen from the radio i'm thinking about BM... For some reason, too, I always associate van halen with vinnie...XD donno the reason...XD but yes, also metallica and maybe helloween, iron maiden and bands like that... they actually did listen to this band "metallicrank" or something like that in the show, didn't they...? XD at some point, in some ep, can't remember, only the nice reference to metallica...ALSO, listen to this! shoots me back to the freedom fighters and the war on mars...

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Hammer to Fall by Queen always makes me think of the Biker Mice.