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Joined: 08 Feb 2014
How did your parents react on you watching BM as kids?

I remember one of my friends said that her mother hated the whole series because it was "too loud"

and she had to leave the room since there were just too many "AAAOOOOWWWS!!!" and thundering

noise of bikes and things like that...XD

My mother remembered that I was so focused on the show that I usually end up pouring milk and juice

all over the tables while watching the series the same time..

I had a BM t-shirt also and it kills me that it has ended up somewhere don't even know where...


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Joined: 12 Nov 2012

My mom never had problems with what I used to Watch.. and I'm speaking of stuff like Ken Shiro, City Hunter. And I used to watch BMFM in my room... jumping on my bed LOL!

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My mom hated that I woke up, watched it then snuck back to bed to try and sleep through the alarm before school.  Other than that. I think she n' my dad both liked them because they would be quiet n' let me watch it... even when a hockey game was on. XD

It was the only show that got the hockey interuption treatment. ^_^

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ohohoh BMFM have a special treatment ohohohoho!

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Growing up with my Mum and maternal grandparents ...... yeah my Nan totally disapproved of most things I liked watching. My Grandad reckoned BM was better than a lot of other shows that I could be watching and my Mum never had a problem - I seem to remember she even watched it with me when I was really ill one time :)

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They never had a problem with it, I guess for them it just blended into all the other morning cartoons I would watch before school.

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Mine pretty much left me alone... They prolly had something to say, but remained wisely silent XD

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Shaolin Webmonkey
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Mine seemed to think anything animated is a "cartoon" and therefore is for kids so I probably could have watched hentai and they wouldn't have cared unless they walked in at the wrong time.

They're getting better.

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I was 15 so far too old as far as they were concerned!!!!!

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Post belongs to my nightmares.

I do not know whether it's good or bad but probably due to the version with the teacher , the emission was only in the evening at 21:30 . I was 13 years old and unfortunately I shared a room with my mother yet , plus was the fact that the older brother happened to be drafted into the army so you could watch the session and in peace .Worse when there was no access to the spare room . Mom was hardly specially for this 'd watched too many cartoons and even more to look at it the same for not being already in his bed . Then I waited just to watched your favorite show that was before , and I had hopes that he 'd fallen asleep after I could finally govern from the TV remote control .

But not always successful. My Mom was awake dream and my bed creaked every time I tried to quietly get out of it , then another approach to sleeping mom and reach and even sometimes pull the TV controller with its embrace of what it was not an easy feat , if only just to watch your favorite show.