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Bike Mice from Mars(2006) quick review

I got done with The Biker Mice from Mars(2006 version) it was actually really good it took me awhile to get use to the new animation style but I like it. You have the original cast doing their roles(throttle,modo and vinne) I like parody of donald trump(he is called ronaldo rump) even though it only had one season (28 eps) it was really good(no way near the original BMFM) but overall very good with the exception of animation errors(The bros having their digging suit in one scene and missing in the next)

The character design was alright I didn't like how Vinne and Throttle are more skinner and less muscular. I Throttle's new shades were okay and why is Modo's tail bent? And the last ep ends with not real closer/epilogue.

I do think older fans are bit to harsh on the new series because of nostalgia. Give this show a try if yall like TMNT,SWAT kats etc.. I give The Biker Mice from Mars(2006 version) 4/5 stars.

I also forgot to mention this show had a few funny moments. And why is Rimefire all skinny back in old show he was buff as throttle and gang. I did like love moments between Carbine and Throttle. Charlie-girl looks better with long hair not short.