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We live in dark times. The hollow core of civilization is collapsing.
In our despair we become creatures of play, distracting ourselves with
nostalgic geegaws.

Hello, everyone!

Name, rank and serial number!

Baron, baron, baepoin

Freedom Fighter or Army Brat?

American, USA American

Favourite character?

'Lil Hoss

Favourite pairing?

My ass/2015 Harley Davidson VROD Muscle Edition, Black Denim

Do you write or draw?

I write stories about men and women and their bikes. Tee hee.

Do hot dogs and root beer make you a happy martian?

I am human. These things give me diabeetus. Hot dogs.

Transport of choice?

Bus. Tee hee.

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Welcome on board :)

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Nice intro, welcome to Mars soldier.