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Joined: 14 Feb 2016

Hello. I am not exactly new. I deactivated my old account a while back (or lost the password to it, or somthing.) I used to be known as SpeedMaster_MV.

Anways, I'm back. And I think I've got some good fics to post. Oh, and I'm a freedom fighter to the core.

Update: 2/16/2016: Sorry, I forgot a few things.


Favorite Character: I'd have to say Throttle, though I'm more like Modo, according to an internet test i took.

Favorite Pairing: Vinnie/Charley Davidson. I like how Charley always plays "hard to get." Though it's more like a Mission: Impossible kinda thing lol.

Write or Draw: Both. I used to have a DA account, but I deactivated it.. Just didn't like DA anymore. I still have stories on Wattpad though :
And I'm proud to say, three of them are Biker Mice related. ^_^


Do Hot Dogs and Root beer make you happy? :  Yes, especially with Chili! Nomnom!


Transport of choice: Somthing like this...


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Send me or Torama a PM if you want your old username back :)

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Shaolin Webmonkey
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Welcome back :) Verified this account as not-bot and as SC said, send one of us a ping if you want the old username back, we can force reset accounts ;)