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Joined: 26 Apr 2012
only new-ish, introducing myself again

I disliked my old username and got sick of looking at it, so... starting over I guess.

I'm Canadian, 29 years and male.

I'm Toby, my favorite mouse is [i]Throttle[/i] and the idea of [i]Vinnie[/i] and [i]Charley[/i] as a couple amuses me (in a good way!).

[comes back to find account activated from a year ago. erases embarassing silliness]

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Look what I found when I came in to clean up :)

Welcome on board (again), I recommend anything by The Prodigal Fan and KLCtheBookworm. I'm not sure what else is around lately unfortunately, haven't been paying a lot of attention.

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Welcome the wild and woolly world of the Red Planet! :)

What was your old nick?

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