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Hi I’m Freda and I joined the Red Planet a little while ago
– not too sure what to write here! :D I watched the original Biker Mice from
Mars as a kid and have since watched the 2006 series as well – definitely more
of a fan of the original. I’m very much a Freedom Fighter – don’t think I’d
quite cut it in the army! I rediscovered Biker Mice after going through some
really bad periods in my life recently – very happy to be back with the bro’s! Fandom
wise – I write a lot! I tend to write fan fiction alongside my novels - nope
not published – yet! I use a few of own characters in my fan fictions – I think
[and hope!] that the crossover works - strangely. I do some drawing as well but
tend to be much more passive on this front. Looking forward to meeting more
Biker Mice fans! Hopefully I’ll be publishing my first fan fiction soon – just
as soon as I can prise it away from my proof reader! Feel free to ask any
questions I haven’t covered in this spiel! 

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AH! YAY! Posting works!!!! Victory Dance!

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Welcome the wild and woolly world of the Red Planet!

Here's a mug of Root Beer! :)

Rock `N´ Rule

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haha :) root beer and Biker Mice appropriate as I'm working on a fanfic currently :D

Thanks for the welcomes though :)

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WOOHOO! Welcome to the site ^_^ Great to have an other writer around! :)

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welcome! :)