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Hello from a Biker mice fan and Cartoon Collector (Biker mice on DVD can be true)

Hey I just registered here right now when I found the site.
Used to love this series as a kid, when I watched it in sweden. Just finished watchning the episodes that have been released on DVD and VHS here (not many) as well as 3 recordings I have of the show. I also run a swedish site dedicated to preserving and collecting old cartoons, mostly in swedish but also in English (the site is in swedish and can be found at

But the main reason that i registered here is this information below here

"I have been in contact with a representative from PASI (Philippines
Animation Services Inc.) earlier this year (in January). Which currently
holds the right to Biker Mice from Mars in Asia. They want to release
the complete series on DVD scanned from original negatives hold in the
Philippines, but they are unsure if there is a market (as it can only be
sold in Asia/online)  Here is a sample of the quality:
. We need to show them that there is people out there that would buy
the box and fast cause "the original masters that are held in The
Philippines are deteriorating rapidly."

Last I heard from them a while back they where targeting "We are
targeting 1000 collectors boxes of 65 Eps at US$99.99. They would have
special contents probably even a signed cell from each Ep."

So if you want this, sign this petition and show that we can make it happen. Also share it if you can.

Regards Mikael

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Welcome on board

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Hello and welcome and thank you for the information.  In your talks with Studio PASI, did they specify at all whether they would use the original English audio tracks if they did release a DVD set?  And would the episodes be unedited?  Even the French boxset has heavy editing like the Criterion release.


If you speak to PASI again, is there anything else we can do to help make this possible?

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If it's region free, unedited and has English audio as an option I'm all in.