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Joined: 21 Nov 2016
Greetings Citizens

As requested i am introducing myself

1. Name, rank and serial number!

I do not have any of those... yet. Well i do have a name, you can call me Zero, and the pretty girls sweetheart.

2. Freedom Fighter or Army Brat?

Freedom Fighters of course. 

3. Favourite character?

Throttle, he is so chill.

4. Favourite pairing?


5. Do you write or draw?

Write, i also draw, but it so ahead to this time that most people think that i lack the talent. Morons...

6. Do hot dogs and root beer make you a happy martian?

And a Bike!

6. Transport of choice?

I see that there is a repetition, in the number of the question, and in my answer. ;)


Well, also i have to said, that i am from Argentina.

Ride Free Citizens! 

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Greetings Zero, hope you enjoy your stay.

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Welcome on board :)