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Greetings and welcome!

After a somewhat rough descent through Mars' atmosphere, you disembark from the dropship. Slightly dazed you continue along a metal ramp surrounded by railings. An armed guard politely directs you towards a staircase and a bulkhead door at the end of it. Ascending the stairs and finding your way to the door, it automatically splits open and allows you to continue towards the security checkpoint. The guard behind the security glass instructs you to stand on one of the bioscan pads. You first look at him and then at your feet before doing as instructed. A green light travels along your body for a few seconds before it stops and vanishes. The guard authorizes you to continue and grants you access to the hallway towards Arrival Hall.

A short walk later, you find yourself standing in the the Arrival Hall. This area is the first stop for some new members, but serves also as a thoroughfare for others. In this section you can introduce yourself to the board and meet other members before proceeding further. If you feel at ease and want to catch up more with the members, your next stop should be [url=]The Mess Hall[/url].

For those who want to get involved right away with the BMFM discussions, Red Planet offers separate ones for the original series and the new one. The level below Arrival Hall houses [url=]The Armory[/url], ground level access to [url=]Red Rim Pass[/url] and the underground sub-level where the [url=]General's Office[/url] is located. Each one of these sections provides a discussion about the new series. One entirely dedicated to the show, one for spoilers and one to communicate directly with the commanders-in-chief: the producers of the new series.

Hidden beneath a secluded monastery in Mars' South Polar region, you will find the [url=]Freedom Fighter Headquarters[/url] which provides an old series only discussion along with a bunch of happy paramilitary Martians. While being looser than the Army, they still have the discipline to keep it clean. For the not-so-tidy section, step into [url=]The Mess Hall[/url]. There you can talk about anything you please.

Leaving [url=]The Mess Hall[/url] and taking the stairs down to the level below, you will find the [url=]Communications[/url]. This is the central bridge where moderators and administrators share information about the board such as possible disturbances in operation, [url=]general board rules[/url], new things to come etc., and give the members the possibility to get involved in the process by sharing their thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions. You can also ask questions in this section regarding the board and its functions, report errors or whatever it may be. And no, there is no Mace to intercept messages or scramble information here.

The [url=]Communications[/url] hallway will take you towards the underground access hall. From there you can use the lower lift access to reach the [url=]Private Quarters[/url] and [url=]The Workshop[/url]. While [url=]Private Quarters[/url] provides a relaxing and quiet place to share your BMFM related web pages, DeviantArt page or fanfiction archive, [url=]The Workshop[/url] is mainly a testing area for signatures, how to post, [url=]add attachments[/url] into your posts, edit, delete and so on.

If you get tired of spending time at Olympus Mons and hiding out beneath The Monastery, you can take the trip to Brimstone City and drop into [url=]Harley's Bar[/url] for some RPG. The [url=]Red Sands[/url] surrounding the city hold many stories yet to be told, while the [url=]Red Sky[/url] over the city opens up into an art gallery just as large, imaginative and beautiful as the sky itself. Some of the very best BMFM fan artists in the world are sharing their art there. For those who are old enough, the [url=]Brimstone City Nightclub[/url] is an extension of [url=]Red Sands[/url] and [url=]Red Sky[/url] for more adult-oriented BMFM fics and art.

For those who are seeking wisdom and knowledge, [url=]Brimstone University [/url] - with its resident lecturer and librarian KLC the Bookworm - is the place to visit to discover more about BMFM history, characters, old and new series details and the creation of fanfiction.

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