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Biker Mice fanfiction

The Night Before Christmas (In midnight's point of view)

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
All the food was eaten, by a certain winged mouse.
Stockings were hung around my neck like a noose
Along with a note that said "Gimmie presents or die, you have two options to choose"
6 juvenile delinquents were up all night plotting to torment me in their beds
While the husband is constantly aroused, making me feel tired and dead.
Fortunately I had money stored away this year in the bank,
But when I went to go shopping, the government went bankrupt and my mind went blank.
All of a sudden the ground shook and Santa appeared

The Name Is Black, Jet Black, Chapter 10

[i][b]The Name Is Black, Jet Black.
Chapter 10.

The Training Mission.[/b][/i]

[b]Added Disclaimer:-[/b] [i]The characters, David Raskalnikov and Ty Cortez, are the property of Ralphalex, and as such are used with her kind permission, their codenames, Maverick and Goose, are the property of the makers of the Top Gun Movie.[/i]
[b]Added Disclaimer + 1:-[/b] [i]As always I acknowledge the continued support from the following contributors:- Matt (kashito91), Kayla (eternalfan), Sus (Ralphalex).[/i]

Once Upon A Stink Fish - (C.E)

Once a upon a stink fish

The morning dew was slowly running off the leaves of the trees at the back of the “Last Chance” garage. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining… and the mice were pacing.
“Guys cut it out! I already have one gutter in my garage. I don’t need three more,” Charley scolded them as she waved her wrench in their directions, while pointing to the chairs, a sign for them to sit down.
Heaving a sigh of defeat and unease, Throttle sat down and draped his arms over his legs,
“Sorry babe. It’s just been so quiet these past few weeks. Too quiet,”

The Name Is Black, Jet Black, Chapter 8

[i][b]The Name Is Black, Jet Black.
Chapter 8.[/b][/i]

[i][b]Rachel's Recovery.[/b][/i]

[i]This chapter is mostly concerned with the recovery of Rachel Bliss, after her brush with death in the landslide in chapter 7. As always my thanks go out to the people who are still willing to support my writing by agreeing to appear in my stories, either as themselves or by supplying a character or plot lines... Guys, without your continued support, I would not be able to continue to write.[/i]


Up in the space a Plutarkian spaceship was flying. On the horizon they could see Earth, the planet they now was trying to destroy by stealing their resources. In the cockpit there was sitting two fishes talking, but not so loud that the person behind them could hear them. He looked up, wondered why they were heading for that planet, since he had no idea on what they could use that for. The mouse slowly stood up and looked out to watch the planet again and saw that they were coming closer and closer in very high speed.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe not never (COMPETITION ENTRY - End date 04/09/08)

Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, Stoker, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson, Carbine, Karbunkle, Limburger

[b]Maybe tomorrow, maybe not never
Rankaloo aka Ukuli 2008[/b]

"Limburger!!!" Camembert, the high chairman of Plutark roared furiously before the vidcoms image connection was ready. When it the picture became visible the high chairman saw his unlucky suborordinate Lawrence Limburger who seemed gotten more weight since last time The Chairman had seen him shaking in front of his monitor.
Camembert thought that Limburger must have been one of his most miserable and failing Plutarkian ever to be responsible to steal the natural resources from Earth.

The Name Is Black, Jet Black, Chapter 7

[i][b]The Name Is Black, Jet Black.[/b][/i]
[i][b]Chapter 7[/b][/i]

[i]Damsel in distress.[/i]

[i]My thanks go out to the following people for agreeing to remain as characters in my stories:- Kashito91 (Matt), Eternalfan (Kayla), and introducing Ralphalex. I hope that you all enjoy this chapter.[/i]

Tree Kind Mice (COMPETITION ENTRY - End date 04/09/08)

Darkness was falling over Chicago, a bank of cloud even contriving to smother the moon and stars. A group of figures moved silently through a copse of trees. Abruptly there came a cry, and the largest shape vanished downwards.
“Ouch! Hey, who put dat tree dere?” Greasepit picked himself up and brushed the leaves from his dungarees, splashing the surrounding foliage and his protesting colleagues with his oily excretions. “Quiet, yous goons” he snapped. “Mr Limboiger’s wantin’ dese here trees cuttin’ down, and we got to do it before dose pesky Biker Mice turnses up.”

The Name Is Black, Jet Black, Chapter 6

[i][b]The Name Is Black, Jet Black.
Chapter 6.[/b][/i]

[i]The Wolves First Day.[/i]

Retturn To Sender (Re-Write), *Competition Entry, End Date 04/09/08*

Return To Sender. (Re-write)
Chapter 1.