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Biker Mice fanfiction

Teach Me?

A fic for Stoker and Vinnie, because something about those two are just so neat together.

Mice. Don't own them.

Teach Me?

Stoker had been in Vinnie’s life for a long time. He’d found the kid when he was younger, with no dad and no role model. Stoker wasn’t sure why, but he’d taken to the seven-year-old immediately.

The First Popsicle

Another in the First series. Charley buys some sweet treats for the bros, and interesting things happen.

Disclaimer: I don't own Biker Mice, if I did, Charley and Throttle would be married with six kids by now. I also don't own Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

The First Popsicle

"I'm feelin' sorry for any bad biker on the road today, rock n' rollers, cause it's now a scorchin' 101 degrees out there in Chi-town. Better keep in the pool or by the a/c, bros, there ain't gonna be a cool down for another week," said the voice of Sweet Georgie Brown over Charley's old radio.

Don't Worry 5 (Vinnie Again)

I sort of went full circle and put the P.O.V. back to Vinnie. Hope it all flows well. This is only my second slash fic and my last one was a bit of PWP to see if I could do it. So I really hope this turned out good.

Don't Worry 4 (Throttle)

I do not own Biker Mice from Mars. If I did they first three seasons would have been released on DVD by now. Come on! Tapes are dying out! I need replacements!

Don’t Worry

Throttle knew he’d never been the best at relationships. He had a bad habit of placing people second sometimes. There always seemed to be a huge crisis to take of, some bad guy to trash, a kidnapped citizen to rescue.

The problem with saving the world is, after the first few times, people come to expect it of you.

Don't Worry 3 (Charley)

And by the way, just incase no one noticed the last two chapters; I don’t own the Biker Mice. If I did, I would have had had them live somewhere besides the scoreboard of Quigley Field. I mean, it was kind of cool, but does no one notice that they’re there? At least give a half-assed explanation maybe why no one cares.

Anyway, let start, shall we?

Don’t Worry

Don't Worry 2 (Modo)

I don’t own BMFM. If I did more people would have been asking about why the Limburger Tower always fell down every other day, and how did he get it built so quickly again and again and again and again and again and… well you get my point.

Now, on to business.

Don’t Worry

Modo was sensitive to other people’s feelings, it was second nature to him. It came from what kind of home he had grown up in. His mother had always been a loving figure in his life, and his sister along with Primer and Rimfire had needed him to be sensitive and strong in the same way, even before the war.

Don't Worry

WARNING! This story contains implications of guy/guy feelings. It’s small, but it is there. If you don’t like it then you may not want to read.

Also, I don’t own BMFM. If I did I think there would have been a bit more swearing. I mean come on, they are bikers after all.

Don’t Worry

Shattered, Repaired, Renewed: Chapter 4

When Carbine breaks up with Throttle, he needs time to heal. Charley offers the space and acceptance he needs. And maybe more....

Disclaimer: I don't own BMFM

Chapter 4

They no longer hesitated to sit by each other close enough to touch, even when Vinnie and Modo were around. They could talk about anything, no matter how trivial or serious. It was a first for both of them: he'd never talked like this with a girl, or she with a guy. He had told her about things he'd never told his bros. As for her, she considered him her absolute best friend. She hadn't had one of those in six years.

Shattered, Repaired, Renewed Chapter 3

When Carbine breaks up with Throttle, he needs time to heal. Charley offers the space and acceptance he needs. And maybe more....

Disclaimer: I don't own BMFM

Chapter 3

When Vince met Ralphalex

[i][b]When Vince met Ralphalex.[/b][/i]
[i][b]This story stars Ralphalex as herself, and is written by Vinnie Van Daz.[/b][/i]

[i]This story is a special commission[/i]