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Biker Mice fanfiction

The dawn of a new life

The Dawn of a New Life
Fox is dead, and, suffering from depression, Krystal flees Lylat, crashing onto Earth. Will she survive? Krystal/OC. Star Fox X Biker Mice from Mars.
Chapter I
The Nightmare
Note: Takes place one month after one ending of Command. The character Lexington Van Ridan is owned by Ax25 on deviantart’s website and is being used with permission.
July 9th, 2475.

Vinnie and Charley Celebrate Valentine's Day

[i]Once more our hapless hero battles perils in the lists of love...[/i]

* * *

Today, Vinnie and Charley are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Do you know what Valentine’s Day is? Valentine’s Day is yet another religious festival hijacked for commercial reasons. Do you know what a cynic is? Prodigal does.
Vinnie isn’t sure what to do on Valentine’s Day, so he decides to ask some ladies for advice. Wise Vinnie. First, he goes to see Miss Dagger. Miss Dagger is a gunsmith. Can you guess why she and Vinnie are friends?
“Hello, Vinnie” says Miss Dagger.

Chapter 4

The three mice sped from the Last Chance, newly equipped with their EMP guns.
“I just hope these things work” Throttle grumbled.
“Bro, Charley’s the best!” Vinnie protested. “She won’t have let us down!”
“Maybe” the Commander shrugged, “but I’d have preferred more time to test them…” He was interrupted by a cough from Modo.
“Looks like we’re gonna get that chance, now…” A squad of Dreadnaughts was in formation across the road. The three mice pulled up. The leader of the cyborgs stepped forwards.

Chapter 3

For a moment Modo could see in his mind’s eye the road his life was to take… is was a very short road. Fortunately, there was a sudden explosion and his assailant was knocked flying as it received a direct hit from one of Vinnie’s rockets. Modo crawled away as the blackened but still intact cyborg struggled to rise. He hauled Hard Case upright and dusted her down.

Chapter 2

Charley arrived at Zoë’s house to find Vinnie half lying on the sofa with a beautiful blond in his arms.
“Sweetheart!” he gaped.
“So, the truth at last!” the mechanic growled. “You declare undying love for me, then get cosy with some bitch behind my back, huh?” Vinnie looked sheepish and sat up, pushing his companion off. The labrador wagged her tail and placed her head on his lap.
“Push off!” he complained. Charley laughed.
“So it’s true – the girls can’t resist you!” Zoë took the shopping off Charley and rolled her eyes.

Synthesis - competition ending 13/1/09

The battle was not going well.
“Aaaaooooowww!!!!!” Vinnie launched a fusillade of energy dishes which sent Claw Troopers flying. A Clawbine tracked him with its lasers, but moments later its ‘head’ exploded, struck by a blast from Modo’s arm cannon. Throttle launched a couple of rockets to take out a pair of Pounce Pods. “We’re outnumbered and outgunned – the odds favour us, as usual…”
Cataclysm slammed his fist down on the console of his own Clawbine in fury.

In Love With A Polarisian Angel

Summery: A new and fairly attractive mouse girl arrives in Chicago and she's rented a flat across the street from Charlie's garage. The Bros and Charlie thought that she was a regular Martian mouse until they find out something that makes them realize that she isn't even Martian at all. That thing is the fact that when her emotions are at an ultimate high, large and feathery white angel wings suddenly appear and grace her back. Each of the Bros then start to have different affections for and interests in her.

The First Laundry Day

What happened when the mice first had laundry duty...

Disclaimer: I do not own those sweet furballs, damn that lucky Charley...

The First: Laundry Day

Three unsuspecting mice were lounging in various places around the scoreboard. No villains, no kidnappings, explosions, car-jackings, virtual quests, or medieval quests for that matter. Just a lazy day of sunshine, and ball games on the tv, and--


Shattered, Repaired, Renewed: Chapter 5

When Carbine breaks up with Throttle, he needs time to heal. Charley offers the space and acceptance he needs. And maybe more....

Disclaimer: I don't own BMFM

Chapter 5

The First Sugar Buzz

God help us all, Vinnie discovers sugar...Disclaimer: I do not own Biker Mice or Mars Bars of any kind. (sighs)

The First Sugar Buzz

Vinnie looked at Charley with mild suspicion. "You're kidding me, right?"

"No," she said in exasperation. "Peel off the plastic and bite into it. Its good."

"Looks a lot like a ration bar," he said, turning the brightly colored parcel in his hands.