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Biker Mice fanfiction


Some time ago, on another forum, there was a discussion about how you could do a BMFM version of the novel/film/musical etc [i]The Phantom of the Opera[/i].  Well, I've bitten the bullet and done it!  It's closely based on the Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical, although with (sometimes heavily) altered lyrics to suit to setting, as well as BM characters replacing the originals, and the action moved to Mars in the early 1990s.  I've had to use three fan characters (Torque, Kickstart and Flintlock as Firmin, Andre and Buquet respectively).  Many characters have been twisted to a greater or lesser e

Charley's Quiz

Reviews welcome! :D
[size= x-small]Name: Charlene Davidson (my father wanted a boy :p )

Age: 24

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Species/Race: Earth Fema- er, human. (shakes head) been spending too much time around these scienticky alien folk..

Parents: Ryan and Michelle Davidson

Siblings: One sister and one brother.

Married: Nope.

Children: uh-uh.

Scars/Markings: Nothing much, which is amazing since I work as a mechanic...

Skin/Fur color: Caucasian. With brown hair.

Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois

Height: five feet eleven inches

Modo- quiz

Er, that wasn't supposed to come out as a download.. Sorry. Eheheheheh. Modo answers some questions about himself and his bros.

EDIT: Figured it out, here ya go! :):):)
[size= x-small]Name: Modo "Maverick"

Age: 23

Homeland: Dire Valley, Mars

Species/Race: Martian Mouse

Parents: Axle, Rose

Siblings: Halara

Other relatives: A niece and nephew, two adopted brothers, one adopted sister, two aunts, one uncle-by-marriage

Married: No.


Vinnie's Quiz

Reviews welcome! :):):)

Name: Vincent "Vinnie" Van Wham

Age: 21

Homeland: Shota Trail, Breor, Mars

Species/Race: 100% Martian Stud, er, Mouse

Parents: Holister and Rihkoshae

Siblings: Cassanera

Other relatives: two aunts, five uncles, four aunts-by-marriage, ten cousins, two deceased aunts, two brothers-by-debt, one sister-by-debt

Married: Are you kidding?!

Children: Probably. I dunno.

Throttle's Quiz

Reviews welcome! :):):)

Name: Throttle

Age: 22

Homeland: Talmain, Mars

Species/Race: Martian Mouse

Fur/Skin color: Tan, with some extra fuzz on the noggin *grin*

Height: Five-and-a-half khell, six kharr (six feet seven inches in human terms)

Weight: Around... one-hundred-nine khnaa (one-hundred-forty pounds)

Parents: Flash, Gauge

Relatives: one younger brother, two adopted brothers, one adopted sister, three cousins, two aunts, two uncles, one sister-by-marriage

Married: um, no.

Children: nope.

Wild Child - A New Beginning

Ok, finally, 8 years on, i have completely overhauled my first fan fic.

it is a TMNT/BMFM cross over, kinda, but the Turtles are only in the very beginning.

i hope it's not too slow.

*feels like she has rocked up to school naked*

please enjoy,


So, here we go. This is a brand spankin' new fic, next in the series after The Calling. It's so brand spankin' new that I'm not even done with it yet. Just thought I would post the prologue to see if there is any interest. Won't make much sense without reading The Searcher and The Calling. Biker Mice--not mine. All other characters--mine. You get the idea.
Tell me if I should finish this monster...

Something Beautiful

A little vignette that takes place a few years after the events in the extended flashback of The Searcher. Brief, sweet lil' thing...just a snapshot. Disclaimers apply.

The Calling

This is my "big one" and the sequel to The Searcher. Biker Mice characters belong to Biker Mice. Every other character is mine.

The Searcher

This is just my take on the years leading up to the martian war. Biker Mice and the occasional scraps of songs I included do not belong to me. Everything else does.