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Biker Mice fanfiction


Mostly a Vinnie/Charley thing.

Vinnie's been under a lot of stress, but it seems Charley and his bros haven't realised just how much...

[b]Chapter 1[/b]
The sun was high over Chicago, and the city bathed lazily under its heat. It was hot… too hot to make interplanetary warfare seem worth the effort. At the Last Chance Garage, all was quiet, Throttle and Modo at rest, their eyelids drowsily drooping as the warmth of midday worked its siesta-inducing magic. Abruptly the peace was shattered by the sound of voices raised in argument.

Chapter 4

“[i]Stop right there[/i]!” There was a moment’s stunned silence. The Judoon and their prisoners stood frozen. A figure was standing in the doorway. “I demand that you put at stop to this nonsense immediately!” Vinnie relaxed as the figure walked into the light.
“Cutting it a bit fine there weren’t you, sweetheart?” he grinned.
“Sorry – I had trouble finding you. Normally I can just follow the screams.” Charley’s hand slipped from Vinnie’s, and – oblivious in her astonishment to the still threatening posture of the Judoon – stepped forward.

Chapter 3

Bill Collingwood, owner of the FixQuick Garage, wiped the oil from his hands with a rag that was itself so oily that all he managed was to achieve an even spread. He stretched and checked the clock.
“Aw, man! It’s gotten that late already?” He threw the cloth aside and muttered, “Well, I guess Mr Romero’s just gonna have to wait a bit longer for his bike.” As he went to lock-up, he became aware of the tramp of feet outside. Abruptly the door burst open and a squad of huge figures in black leather and wearing massive helmets marched in.

Chapter 2

The mice and Charley had retreated into the Last Chance, the mechanic demanding answers.
“So, what’s the problem? Can’t you just ‘whip their tails’?” Vinnie grimaced.
“I wish. But you can’t fight the Judoon, sweetheart.” Charley raised her eyebrows.
“Not like you to steer clear of a fight.” Throttle took a deep breath.

Illegal Aliens

Inspired by Mamajamma. This story features the [url=]Judoon[/url], a race from the British sci-fi series [i]Doctor Who[/i]. However, you don't need to have seen the series to understand what's going on here.


[b]Chapter 1[/b]

The Night's Plutarkian Shore

Based on a favourite poem of mine, 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe; the title is inspired by a line from that poem which refers to "...the night's Plutonian shore".


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a piece of land purchased at the cheapest price;
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of someone loudly rapping, at my Tower door, just twice.
“Visitors,” Karbunkle muttered, as he built some strange device,
“Could it be those Biker Mice?”

Ah, it was such dreadful pity, that ensconced in Windy City,

Chapter 7

Roundshot screamed through the air, slamming into the southernmost buildings of Pons Segomo. The Areon artillery was determined to clear the immediate defenders, allowing their own infantry to take cover. Iron spheres ripped through plaster and lath, stone and mortar… and, of course, Rats. The 16th Foot clung on, huddling under what shelter they could. A nine-pound shot smashed into a privy, showering the Propraetoriate soldiers with its contents. A corporal wiped the brown, stinking slime from his eyes and swore with, as it transpired, complete accuracy:

Vinnie and Charley Get Ready for Christmas

A merry (and wholly innocent!) tale for the festive season.


Today, Vinnie and Charley are getting ready for Christmas. Do you like Christmas? Vinnie does. See the mistletoe. Charley tells Vinnie to get the turkey and Christmas tree ready whilst she goes to town to do some shopping for presents and cards.
“Do you have any shopping to do?” asks Charley.
“Yes, I do” says Vinnie. Vinnie would like to buy Charley a nice present. Kind Vinnie.
When Charley has gone, Carbine comes in.
“Hello, Vinnie!” says Carbine.

Aspects of Love #1: Charley's Choice

The first of a couple of flash fics for Valentine's Day - the time of year when Vinnie is buried under thousands of cards.


Charley paced up and down, her fingers unconsciously tapping together. Eventually she gave a grunt of frustration, and hit the wall as if it had mortally offended her. This was stupid! She’s wanted this for more than ten years, and now she was going to give it away! But she had to… in the long run, it would probably be best for both of them…
She was going to have to tell Vinnie they had no future together.

Aspects of Love #2: If Slime Worms Be the Food of Love

The second of two Valentine's Day flash fics

Partnership Day, Lord High Chairman Camembert mused. Every year it seemed to come round earlier. And it was becoming rapidly less meaningful. Once this celebration of marriage had been an exercise in crass commercialism – tacky greetings cards, and the rest. But the young fry these days increasingly seemed to think it was all about [i]romance[/i]. He shuddered at the word. Where was the profit in that? Yet more old fashioned values fading away…