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Biker Mice fanfiction

Letting go

Letting Go.

Part One

“Hey Vinnie you’re gonna be late bro what’s the hold up?” yelled Throttle from the bottom of the stairs as he a Modo just smiled “well who’d have thought it huh Vinnie being the first to take that long walk” said Modo as he heard Vinnie crashing about trying to get ready “aint that the truth” Throttle said with a chuckle. “Ok, I’m ready so bro’s how’d I look?” Vinnie asked standing there in a black tucks with the grin that only Vinnie could have.

Chapter 4

Night had fallen on Mars, and Stilton’s headquarters were quiet, save for the crunch of the booted feet of the sentries on the ground, and the occasional muttered watchword. Somewhere in the distance, some unknown desert creature screeched once, and was still.
Anyone observing closely, and who was expecting to see them, might have noticed five shadows, slightly darker than the rest, flowing across the rocks before coming to a rest on a rise above the base.

Chapter 3

Dominic T. Stilton took a deep breath, and spoke to the glowering figure at the other end of the VidCom link.
“My Lord, I must ask your permission to obtain something with which to fight the Martian rebels. Permission which only you can grant.”
“What thing, Stilton?” Camembert growled. Stilton hesitated.
“Leviathan.” He winced. Camembert paused.
“Did I hear you right, Stilton?” he said slowly. “Leviathan?”
“Indeed your ears are working excellently, my Lord” Stilton assured him.

Chapter 2

The Plutarkian officer bowed low – kowtowed would perhaps be a better word, or possibly even grovelled – before his superior and felt thoroughly miserable.

Family Fortunes

This story is set on Mars shortly after the events shown in flashback in 'Once Upon a Time On Mars'. Most of the characters are my own, although a few canon characters - notably Carbine and Stilton - also feature.

[b]Chapter 1[/b]

Freedom Fighter Structure

Wasn't sure where else to put this, so I put it here. Not a fanfic, but the structure of the Freedom Fighters as it appears in my fanfics (especially in the 'Dark Times' series).

Worlds Apart 2

Not a continuation of #1 so much as a sequal. Set at the same time as the first part, this looks at Charley's life without the bros - and especially without Vinnie.


Chapter 4

For a moment the word seemed to stop; then Vinnie broke the spell by shouting,
“Wait!” Cataclysm paused, and growled,
“What now?” The white mouse looked up at Charley.
“Last request for a condemned mouse? Can’t I at least kiss my girl goodbye?” The huge Catatonian glanced at his comrades, then nodded.
“Very well. But be quick about it!” Charley was pushed forward.
“Well, I guess this is goodbye” the mouse said heavily. “I love you, Charley.”

Chapter 3

As darkness fell on Chicago, a red racing bike pulled up outside Rump Tower. Its white-furred rider dismounted and fearlessly strode into the building with a look of grim determination. The intruder made short work of the surprised claw troopers who tried to stop him, before making his way to an upper level of the building. He burst into the room and confronted the occupants – Cataclysm, Rump, Hairball and Catorkian.
“This is an unexpected pleasure” Cataclysm growled.

Chapter 2

At a junction of a major road, a red bike pulled over to one side and stopped. The rider dismounted and opened a small panel, removed a circuit which he carefully placed on the ground, then stamped hard on it, grinding it into fragments.
“That’ll stop them overridin’ the tracking system and finding us” Vinnie decided.
“Wonderful” said Charley bitterly. “Now would you care to explain what you think you’re doing?!”