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Biker Mice fanfiction

A Rose and Two Throns chapter one

Spy (not verified) - - romance

It is another day in Chinago as three mice were running around in their bikes. It was Vinnie, Throttle amd Modo. They were on another battle and this time they were on the hunt. ''Oh mama this is going to be good'' he said. ''You can say that bro'' said Throttle the tan brown one with the sunglasses to the gray one with the patch over his eye.

Chapter 1.3

Stoker took it badly, as Throttle had expected him to. It had always been clear that whilst Throttle had always been intended to fill Stoker’s boots in terms of leadership, Vinnie was… had been, in so many other ways, the ageing General’s true heir – in character , biker skills and so on. Of all the bros, it was probably Vinnie who had been closest to Stoker; certainly it was Vinnie who had remained loyal to the General when everyone else thought he had turned his coat.

Dark Times Part 1: Requiem for a White Mouse

“There it is” announced Throttle. “There’s the big one.”
“Yeah, well” mused Modo, “the bigger they are…”
“The harder they fall!” crowed Vinnie. Throttle shook his head.
“Guys, guys, can we cut the clichés? I’m trying to think, here!”

Chapter 1.2

Charley heard the sound of motorbikes pulling up outside the Last Chance and grinned. After their exertions, the guys would be pleased to find she had anticipated them and already prepared their now traditional victory feast of hot dogs and root beer. As Throttle and Modo came in, she greeted them warmly,
“I heard the explosion, so I assume you carried out the mission with your usual subtly and restraint! Hot dogs and root beer await, as per spec.”
“Thanks, Charley ma’am” Modo replied quietly. “But we’re not really in the mood.”

Chapter 06.2

Mackie threw down a card and smiled triumphantly at Theresa, his light eyes twinkling.
“I win!” he announced. Theresa made a face and tossed her cards aside. She pretended to pout but was inwardly pleased over Mackie’s spark of vibrancy. She herself couldn’t wait to see her older cousin and the joy and humor he would suffuse into the place.
“Well, good for you,” she said to Mackie, gathering the cards. “I’ll play Zebbie tonight and then I’ll finally win something!”

Gone but not Forgotten

A very long time ago I began writing this fanfiction but because of poor writingskills and lack of a lot of things it became stalled stalled and stalled again.
I began with it somewhere around in 2000. I tried a first revision in 2001, but after I was not happy with the result I didn't get in the mood or getting the right idea to start with it again for a very long time.

Around a month ago I started to think about it a lot again and while there was little I could do at that certain place I opened my textprocessing program and began writing.

Lovers Forever

Senior Lovers

Momma's Wisdom - G [fin]

The Martian Gazette’s popular Agony Aunt column.[/b]

Dear Momma,
The relationship between me and my girlfriend seems to have reached a rocky patch. Last time I visited her, she had me and my friends charged with treason and tried to have us thrown into the Pit of Everlasting Doom. Do you think we have a long term future together?

[i]Dear Specs,

Alien Invasion

All right, so here's the good ol' Alien Invasion, a sad tale of Karbunkle's youth.

Explanation to the last Chapter: this little one shot takes place during Karbunkle's student years in the Academy, a university for 'talented' students all across the galaxy (in reality, you have to know people who have money to get in). Minny is by the way the Weathermeister.

( And now I WILL probably botch this whole posting thing, keep yer thumbs up ^^'')