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Biker Mice fanfiction

Bring The Boys Back Home

Throttle, Vinnie, Modo

[b]Obivously; the mice aren't mine. Neither is Bring The Boys Back Home. Thank Roger Waters for inspiring this. It's not my best; but I bashed it out in about an hour; so go figure.[/b]

The Fever ***First Half***

Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, Stoker, Carbine

Disclaimer: This story is 100% MINE! All MDTAS and BMFM Original Characters are Property of their original Creators. Everyone else aka King Ares and Queen Arianna and their children are MINE and no one else's! I absolutely DO NOT own the MIGHTY DUCKS nor do I make a profit off of them in any way shape or form.

Note: In this story, Starlight comes down with a high fever three days before her big tournament but she doesn't know that she's sick and thinks that the problem is that she's doing too much and not getting enough sleep.

Welcome To The Machine


[i]The constant sounds in his head were driving him crazy. He crashed to the floor, wondering if anyone else could hear what he could. He was seeing fantastic, other worldly shapes; which horrified and entranced him at the same time. He knew he was part of it: A colossal machine, that crushed and maimed everyone in its path; that tore families apart; that was fuelled on the countless lives that had been sacrificed to it; their blood oiling the mechanisms.[/i]

The Wall

Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, Stoker, Carbine, Harley, Mace

[b]Isn't it painfully obvious to you by now? I DON'T OWN THE MICE. If I did, I'd make a full length movie animated by the original team, written by the original writers; voiced by the original actors, and I'm sure it'd sell like no tomorrow![/b]

no more biker mice part 2

Vinnie, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson

part 2 :3

im working on part 3...

edit: i thoght it was longer but i guesd its not :/ maby i uploaded the wrong file? i'll take a look later

no more biker mice part 1

Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson, Karbunkle, Limburger

first part of my fanfic

um... im not sure if this is the one i corected the spelling but i gues it is becausethis is the only one i found ._.' oh well... i can try to change it later if its not

(also exuse my english its not my first language )

Wont Lose You M Friend by Throttle Thorneboy

I will not lose you!
Thought you were evil,
but you are a friend

We met in a hard fight,
you saved my life,
you took my hand,
you showed me light,
you make me believe,
you gave me power,
you kissed my cheek,
you dried my tears away,
you are my friend,
I will not lose you!

You gave me fire,
you showed me the light,
and meaning in this life,
you opened my eyes,
you warmed me in the coldest night,
you gave me my life back,
I love you, as the friend you are1
Please don´t leave me,
stay with me,
kiss my cheek,
dry my tears away,
hold me tight.


They Make Good Coffee in Limbo


Jules moaned, rubbing her temples irritably as she paused in talking to the angry Martian standing in front of her.

"So you're saying I'm in.. purgatory?" he asked, his hands on his hips.

"[i]Limbo[/i]," she corrected in a exasperated tone. "The realm between the 'real' and 'unreal' worlds."

"And I'm from the 'unreal' world," he said, repeating what she had said earlier.

"Yes." [i]Finally! We're getting somewhere[/i], she thought.

"And Limburger's new weapon sent me here."


"Can I get back?"

We Are Not Us

Throttle, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson, Carbine

"Beautiful out tonight, innit?" Charley remarked, coming up behind her tan-furred Martian friend.

"Huh? Oh," Throttle said quickly. "Yeah, sure is."

She stood next to him, her arms wrapped around herself, the night air penetrating her long-sleeved shirt. Throttle looked down at her- not far, since they were almost at the same height- and found himself wondering why she wasn't married yet or something.

"You know, I'd imagine there'd be a lot of guys who would go for a woman like you," he commented casually.

Meeting Lou

Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson, Carbine, Rimfire, Karbunkle, Limburger

Warning: This story is pretty long (6 A4 pages). Be sure to have time and be comfortable while reading. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate would be advsiable :D

Review: As the Last Chance Garage is once again under attack from Lawrence Limburger, Charley drives off with the guys to fend him off. During the fight, Charley gets knocked out. When she wakes up, she meets a shadow from the past.