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Biker Mice fanfiction

Mountain Drift (with audio)

ID_Tuner - - [no theme listed]

After a miscalculation with the Tug Transformer on Earth, which resulted in their sworn enemy's sudden demise, the bros decide it's time to fix up their old ship and start to head back home. Suddenly, they are shot down, and the ship has broken apart into pieces upon re-entry of earth's atmosphere, scattering Vinnie, Throttle, and Modo across North America! Now Throttle has crash landed, and is injured badly on a barren, alpine mountain! At the same time, an innocent young man, Manuel Vernandes, is driving home from Bogus Basin, Idaho in his modified Civic CR-X. He has been delivering cooking supplies for his father, whom lives at the Bogus Basin resort, running a restaurant called "Shifters". He finds Throttle alongside the road on his way, and brings him back to his home to help him recover and find the others. However, there is more to Manuel than there seems to be. Manuel is a mechanic at the "Tourque-Nut Garage" and delivery boy for his father by day, but by night, he is a speed-hungry street racer! Hurling down the mountain bend like a man with a death wish, setting record times for the Bogus Basin Course! But that is the least of Manuel's secrets! Find out if Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie find each other and discover the tragic past of Manuel Vernandez in Mountain Drift!

Ex Delicto

Fan Characters, Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, Stoker, Carbine, Rimfire, Harley, Mace

Credit where credit's due

This entire fic is Midnight's fault.

I am using a fair chunk of her storyline and characters. It's set in the future of where the series left off. That means your favourite characters are in their 50s or thereabouts and look their age (war does that to a person).

It's also a rewrite of a fic I have up on, I won't be posting it there as I can't get a response from support at all to try to get back into my account and I can't be bothered making another one.

My Guardian Angel-Chapter 2

Defender Kaotena - - [no theme listed]

My Guardian Angel

Defender Kaotena - - [no theme listed]

Catch Me

crimson'n'lace - - [no theme listed]

Mars is free but Throttle and Carbine's relationship becomes strained. With Charley's help, Throttle rekindles it.

A night in

cjilovebikermice - - [no theme listed]

My own story not sure sure if you'll like it if you do pls comment and i might write another chapter. If theres anything you want me to add then pls feel free to comment :D includes Charley, vinnie, Throttle and Modo

The First Affair Of The Heart

Vinnie, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson

In the old BMFM series, there were hints of something going on between Vinnie and Charley. Here is what I think went on:

The First Affair of the Heart

Charley: Love. There's no other way I can describe how I feel. I see him. I want him.
It's crazy. He's not even human. He's a mouse--an alien from the planet Mars named Vinnie.
A five or six-foot something tall white mouse with red antennas and a muscular build most bodybuilders would envy.

Together At Last

Vinnie, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson

Together At Last

He went to the entrance of the cave they shared and looked out. Lush green meadows
were dotted with white daffodils and purple lavender. He and Charley planted those same rows of daffodils and lavender together years ago after they helped liberate Mars.

Fifty-five years had passed since the Plutorkian War ended. After the Biker Mice
saved Earth from the Plutorkians, They went back home. Now Mars was on its way back. He remembered how she always loved flowers.

Why Charlie Always Uses Vinnie's Bike

Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson, Harley

No one ever questioned why Charlie always sat on Vinnie's bike whenever the trio rode and Charlie didn't have her own bike. In reality, no one needed to. There was space on Throttle's bike if Charlie ever needed a ride, but Throttle knew better than to mention it. Modo even had a small spot on the back of his bike, but Modo didn't bother either.

The First Haircut

Throttle, Charlene 'Charley' Davidson

I always wondered who trims Throttle's hair, and this was my answer. Charley, the lucky girl... Part of my 'The First' series, about how the Bros adjusted to life on Earth, and how Charley adjusted to them.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Mice, Charley, or those lucky scissors.

The First: Haircut

Throttle growled to himself as he pulled off his helmet, wincing as strands of his mane caught on a strap. With a sharp yank, he pulled it loose, taking most of the tangled hair with it. He sighed, glad to finally get to the garage.