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Chapter XLI

Torama - posted on 4 Dec 2016 @ 2:46pm

The vista was fantastic.

So was the sun-kissed beauty in his arms.

Helios loved this view, especially at this time. The reds and browns of the mesas stood out starkly in the afternoon light, emphasised by the play of light and shadow from the sun shining in just so, the canyon floors dipping in and out of inky shadow and partial light. He had done a few paintings and taken photos from this very spot. They had usually come out at least pretty good, but he could never quite capture on film, digital or canvas what his eyes and brain perceived.

He leaned on the bonnet of his car, Sunkiss nestled against him. He ran his fingers through xir long, dark red mane, kissed the top of the flaming head.

Helios loved driving with the top down, it was one of the reasons he had gotten the Jag in convertible. Top down had been necessary to get Sunkiss into the car with him though, the shifters seemed very wary of vehicles. As far as Helios could make out after having gently questioned Sunkiss about it, something in the way the catalytic converters resonated made them uncomfortable.

He had been quite happy to drive through the city with the top down, showing off his lover, currently wearing a long-haired girl morph, to the world. Many heads had turned as they had passed. He hadn't particularly wanted to show off a partner for ages. Usually he was more concerned with scoring.

"See," he nudged his lover with his nose, "wasn't this worth the trip?" He wondered how Sunkiss saw the scene before them. He wished he could ask xem to draw or paint it or something, but from their casual conversations around the shifters' perception, he got the distinct impression that the colour palette he had available wouldn't be enough.

Sunkiss' long hair appeared to become firmer. The spine quills were a lot more obvious when xe was using a long-haired morph. Helios shuddered with pleasure as a tentacle glided smoothly past his side, rubbing lovingly against him, before extending into the car. He heard a container being pried open, and then the tentacle retracted, wrapped delicately around a sandwich which it held poised close to his head.

Helios grinned and accepted the sandwich. "Are you sure you can't read my mind?" he inquired, taking a large bite out of it.

Sunkiss separated from him and took half a step away from the car as xe turned to face him with xir trademark cheeky smile.

"We can't read minds. Only energy. Yours changed here." Xe placed a hand on Helios' stomach, then slid it down to his crotch. Helios arched an eyebrow, then took another bite out of the sandwich.

"You really are my perfect lover." He squirmed a little, fending off a threatening erection. Feeling amused, Sunkiss stopped stimulating him and turned towards the view again, eyes half-closed as xe raised xir head towards the sun. Helios admired Sunkiss' slender form as the mouse-shaped alien soaked up energy from the sun. Unfamiliar thoughts and feelings prickled under his skin. He had only brought three partners up here. Nala, his first love, the girl he thought he was going to marry and stay with for the rest of his life, when they were 18 and desperately in love. The breakup hadn't been brilliant by any stretch, they had managed to remain friendly afterwards, but thinking about her still hurt and while they both wanted to see each other they almost never caught up because it was too painful. Skyline, when he was 20 and she was 22, and he had still been reeling from the breakup with Nala. They had come up here to paint, and shared their first kiss. And now, Sunkiss.

A gust of wind billowed up from somewhere in the depths of the canyon. Helios thought of the camera in the glovebox, but didn't move to get it, choosing instead to stare at the play of light as Sunkiss' mane floated on the wind, fur ruffling as if caressed by invisible fingers.

He popped the last of the sandwich. He had proposed to Nala up here. She had said yes. They hadn't lasted a year. He hadn't had the same delusions with Skyline. Back then, and even now, he needed her stability more than he needed to sleep with her. He didn't want that same delusion of "forever" or "one and only" with Sunkiss.

And yet...

Sunkiss turned xir head and smiled. Helios felt his heart soaring. He loved new relationship energy as much as the next person. He knew as well as anyone that it was exactly that, NEW relationship energy. Eventually it settled, and then the relationship ended, like his perfect relationship with Nala, or you got to a comfortable place, like his good enough relationship with Skyline. Sunkiss was still pretty new.

And yet...

"I love you." He said those dangerous words before he could think and second guess himself too much. His heart was now once again on the line. Maybe they wouldn't last a year. And maybe...

He partially closed his eyes as a warm, golden feeling surged through him. There was no room for doubt, no wondering if his feelings were reciprocated. What he was feeling was someone else's love for him in a pure, unbridled, raw form, unfettered by inadequate expression through mere words. He murmured wordlessly at the intensity of the feeling.

"I love you," Sunkiss echoed, the spoken words mingling with the warmth of xir love.

Helios had never been so sure of anything in his entire life. He held his arms out, and Sunkiss drifted back towards him. He closed his arms over xem, holding xem close. Everything was so perfect.

And yet...

He pulled back, looking down at xem. Sunkiss looked up inquiringly. Helios kissed xir forehead, gazed into the dark red eyes, searching a little nervously for that change that occurred when Sunkiss was summoned away.

Sunkiss' eyes remained clear. Xe was all his, for now.

"Can you ever be mine?" he asked, somewhat plaintively.

Those gold-flecked red eyes flickered uncertainly. "I thought you didn't mind sharing," Sunkiss said playfully.

"I don't. It's just that if Abraxas calls, you're gone."

"Abraxas is my Packleader." When xe said it like that, it seemed so reasonable and straightforward and obvious. But Helios thought about things, twisted them round and round in his head in an attempt to make things make sense to him, and it was not as striaghtforward as all that.

"I know that." Helios eased himself down onto the bonnet of his car, feeling the vehicle rocking gently under his weight as he did so. "But do you really have to do everything xe says when xe says all the time?"

"Generally, yes."

Helios twirled one of Sunkiss' loose locks around his finger gently before tucking it behind a golden ear. "Around here, we call that slavery," he said gently, carefully scrutinising xir face for comprehension. "It's been illegal for the last two hundred years."

Sunkiss frowned. "With slavery, the slave is unwilling."

Helios felt a strain of nervousness coursing through him. "Yeah," he agreed carefully.

"I allowed Abraxas to Bind me. I wanted it. It is..." xe paused for a moment, searching the air between them for the right words, "...the ultimate form of love and trust. And it allows us to work together in ways that are very hard when not Bonded as we are." Xe was so deeply sincere that Helios had no doubt that Sunkiss believed what xe was saying. Helios just thought it sounded like Stockholm Syndrome.

Abraxas had been the very personification of fury when Slider had been doing whatever it was it had been doing to Sunkiss, but that could have been mere possessiveness. But xe'd had a different look on xir face during the negotiations with Windsong and Nightshade. Sadness, remorse, regret. And at the end, when the two had agreed to go home with them, xe had been scarily relieved.

He had seen the shifters with each other. They were so very different from the Martians in so many ways, but Helios knew love when he saw it. They were so free in their affection towards each other, and even towards the mice they felt particularly attached to. There was none of the rancour or the pathetic simpering that one generally found in more one-sided relationships. He and Sunkiss' love for each other was just one such example. There was also Windsong's deep affection towards Stoker and Murdoc. Nightshade's gentle fondness of his dad's ex-girlfriend, and the unmistakable friendly and respectful deference to Throttle and Stoker. He would have had to seriously delude himelf to believe that the affection and love was anything other than what it was.

"That...Binding thing. Can Abraxas...use that to make you do things you don't want to do?" He had to be delving into fantasy with that, surely.

Sunkiss dropped eye contact. "Yes."

Helios felt sick inside.

"Abraxas has only ever used it to stop us running into trouble. Aside from when I came after you. It had been injured by your father and was too weak to stop me." Sunkiss glanced up with an almost shy, slightly rueful smile. "Abusing power undermines love and trust. We couldn't work together as well then."

" can't do it without consent?" Helios asked hopefully.

"You can. Slider tried to do it to Windsong. And to me. But it is more like your slavery then."

Helios held Sunkiss, not knowing what else to do. A tiny lick of fear coursed through him, enough for Sunkiss to push back and look at him concernedly. "Could you Bind me?" he asked. Nervousness coloured the question. On the one hand, he wanted to give Sunkiss all of him. On the other hand, he wanted to keep his sense of identity, and he couldn't work out how those things resolved. The shifters obviously retained their own identities and personalities despite the Binding.

"No." That would have been a real downer if he'd had his heart set on Binding. As it was, Helios just felt relieved. "We would need to be sure, and we would both need to be willing. Your energy is too static. Trying to Bind you may kill you."

"Yeah, I like being not dead," Helios chuckled. Sunkiss smiled.

"I like you not dead, too."

Helios kissed Sunkiss. Xir lips were sweet, and the rest of xir mouth too, when they pushed deeper into the kiss. "I want this to be serious," he murmured, breaking off the kiss but staying close. "I want this to last as long as possible."

Sunkiss smiled. "I would like that." Xe pressed against Helios and kissed him again.

-= o =-


Purely physically, as far as stamina went, he could have. The charges from Windsong were so much more than what Sunkiss was capable of. Windsong had already kept him going well past the point where he would have collapsed in an exhausted heap with Sunkiss.

His mouse-shaped alien lover reared above him again, wearing that devious, knowing smile, radiating love. Helios reached up and gently caressed the soft, pert breasts xe was wearing with xir female morph, currently with a cute, spunky pixie cut similar to the spikey do xe preferred with xir male morph. Helios gasped at the pleasant shock as once more the entirety of his genitalia, penis and scrotum together, was taken into whatever genital receptacle Sunkiss had invented to be able to do that. He arched, pushing up, and groaned loudly. He was leaning on Abraxas, who was nuzzling his head on occasion but mostly just stroking him with those long, powerful looking fingers.

Windsong was nestled against Abraxas' side and by extension his as well, xir delicate little fingers combing lovingly through his mane, nosing his neck and ear on that side, occasionally fluttering the most delicate, sensuous little kisses on his face, neck and shoulder.

The twins were on either side of him, stroking his legs and torso while Sunkiss rode him. They were taking turns penetrating him with their tentacles, he was not sure which at any stage but he could feel them swapping. The rest of their tentacles pulsated erotically around him, some of them gently squeezing his limbs, other ones wrapped around other Packmates. He'd long since lost track of whose tentacles were going where.

He ran his hands down Sunkiss' slender form, and halfway down xir thighs, contacted the legs of the twins. He spread his hands either way, following the new limbs up to their bodies, feeling the twins squirming in delight as he traced up to their breasts and shoulders. Both of them were wearing female morphs at the moment, which meant aside from the eyes both looked exactly the same. He turned his face one way. The beautiful black mouse had purple eyes, so it was Nightshade who nuzzled his face. He opened his mouth and felt Nightshade's tongue slide in. He groaned into the kiss and arched again as Sunkiss' new orifice massaged and stimulated his entire nether region, and the tentacle currently occupying him pulsed. Nightshade pressed against him, feeling warm and delightful, then broke off the kiss and nuzzled into his neck. Helios turned his head to give Nightshade better access to his neck, and Moonshadow touched his nose lightly with xirs. Helios opened his mouth and flicked his tongue against the cute little black nose. Moonshadow responded by touching his tongue with the tip of xirs before drawing into a deep kiss. Helios moaned into the kiss again, feeling many tentacles and fingers lovingly stroking him, running his own hands along the bodies he could feel, revelling in the smoothness of the fur and the excitement and love it elicited from whoever he was touching.

Windsong surged again, and once more the activities of the shifters became that little bit more urgent. Helios shuddered, gasped, grabbed Sunkiss' hips and pulled xem down hard. His cry was weaker now, his throat was sore and he had run out of cum ages ago, but the orgasms had kept coming.

He felt like they had truly done everything. They had tied him down, strung him up, prevented him from moving as they pleasured him so much he was quite sure at a couple of points that he had died and gone to some kind of heaven. He had been on top and underneath and on all fours, and on his knees and standing, suspended in the air, he had fucked and been fucked by all of them, often simultaneously. Well there hadn't been penetration with Windsong and Abraxas, as Windsong couldn't seem to get the hang of gentalia in general and Abraxas didn't see the point, which was probably just as well as Helios didn't think he would be able to cope with the size of dick someone as huge as Abraxas would have. It didn't matter as what he had done with them had been as good as sex anyway. He was vocal but not in the ridiculous over the top way favoured by pornography, and all of them had driven him to screaming a few times.

More? He didn't know how or why he knew what they were thinking. He didn't care. The prickling feeling of being concerned for the privacy of the thoughts inside his own head were currently smoothed over by the aftershocks of ecstasy. And it was so much easier communicating like this instead of trying
to force thoughts into words and sentences that would register as coherent to the receiving party.

No more. He felt the friction soreness gently being treated, but there was nothing that could be done about the pleasant numbness tingling through his body. That was entirely to do with how he had been breathing, which had been very rapid and irregular for a very long time. Intense happiness.

He could feel a silly grin on his face. Abraxas' thick tentacles curled gently around him, one around each limb, two supporting his torso, and lifted him up. Aided by limbs and the last two tentacles, Abraxas smoothly scooted over to one side and lay Helios back in place. Helios could do nothing but lie where he was put, drawing in deep breaths as his body tingled with remembered pleasure.

The shifters moved around him, Windsong curling against his left side with Abraxas spooning around them. Helios put his arm around Sunkiss' shoulders as his lover snuggled down on his right, nuzzling into his neck. He kissed Sunkiss' nose and forehead. The twins cuddled in behind Sunkiss. All the shifters had their tentacles out, draped over each other. Gratitude. Love.

He felt the love he was feeling reflected back at him five-fold, the most intense coming from Sunkiss. They were all running warm for him, because he was used to bodies that generated heat. It was a pleasant warmth, not like the usual, heady, sweaty heat he was used to after sex, though he was sure they probably could have generated that much heat if they thought he wanted them to. He had been a little bit uncertain when Sunkiss had said xe wanted to "bond" him to the rest of the Pack. The Pack was apparently such a tight unit that if you took one for a mate you ended up with all of them. Sunkiss had assured him that it wouldn't be any different from the relationships he was currently in...or had been in until recently. He could sleep with any of them or all of them as the mood took them. He didn't think he'd sleep with any of them except Sunkiss individually, but he had zero regrets with the orgy. The thought of having more in the future thrilled him no end.

Vague thoughts tumbled in a discordant fashion through his mind. They would all move out together. It would be easier on everyone that way, so his dad and Silverfire wouldn't be so afflicted by their allergies, and the cats could have free run of the place rather than being restricted to his room or even a wing of the palace. He could buy one of the big houses, one with a nice view. It would need four or five rooms, one for him and Sunkiss, one for the other shifters, one for a studio, one or two for kids if they had kids. Could they have kids? Anything seemed possible poised on the precipice of sleep, and it didn't take long for sleep to take hold.