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Chapter I

Torama - posted on 14 Mar 2016 @ 9:09am

Pain. Searing. Aching. Pain. Scared. Alone.

It couldn't keep it together.

Not alone. We here.


I know.

Agony flared, but the energy bonds were strengthening. Little Windsong wrapped itself tightly around around the puddle of shadow that was Nightshade.

Please stay. Scared.


I know. Please?

Wndsong poured more energy into the smoky mass of Nightshade. The Battery stores would soon be depleted but it would use itself down to reserves it if needed to. Relief washed over it as Nightshade's blue-flecked deep purple eyes shimmered back into focus. They were dull but a definite sense that Nightshade was coming back together. Windsong probed gently. Nightshade's control systems were snapping back into place, it was silently dealing with the pain and going about healing as Warriors did.


No response. The smokey mass solidified into Nightshade's default two metre long felinesque form, wonderfully there. Overcome with emotion, Windsong desperately clung to the corporeal mass, shuddering with relief.

Vaguely, Nightshade's paw groped the air above Windsong's small head before finding and rather clumsily patting it, its attempt to exude comfort marred by the background of pain it was still experiencing.

Still here. The thought was a mere flicker, easily missed unless one was watching for it, but it mattered a lot.