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Secrets and Betrayals

Katana - posted on 4 Dec 2007 @ 4:17pm

“Shh...” Monterey whispered as he slipped into a tent he shared with another soldier at the Plutarkian camp a couple of hours later. “You’ve got to keep quiet, or the others will find you before I can get you home.” It perhaps would have been smartest to turn the infant over to his commanding officer, and let him deal with it...but Monterey knew that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. he laid the squirming hairless infant on his bunk and sat on the edge, rubbing his face with a slight groan. He looked up with a sharp ghasp as the flaps to his tent opened up and one of his fellow troops stepped in. “Hey Monterey you comin’ ta-” The Plutarkian stopped mid-sentence upon sight of the infant who’d now managed to get onto his hands and knees and start crawling around on the bed. “What the hell is that?!” He hissed lowly.

Monterey was in no mood for his companion’s attitude. “THAT would be a baby, Snyder.” He said dryly.

”Well duh. What’s it doing here? It’s a martian mouse!”

”HE is here because WE killed his family.” Monterey snapped, standing and approaching his companion.

”you’d better tell the commander, Monterey.”

”I might be crazy but I’m not stupid. No way am I handing a defenceless child over to that lunatic.”

’If you don’t, Monterey...I will.”

Monterey just gave his companion a hard glare, but gave no other response. He only turned and went back to his bunk. Frowning, Snyder turned and left the tent.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

‘Monterey? you don’t look so good.” A soldier commented softly at dinner that evening, leaning over the table slightly. “You alright?”

‘huh? Yeah...I’m fine.” he said glancing over at Snyder in time to catch that look of warning on his friend’s face. Monterey quickly turned back to his plate of food.

SNyder was no idiot. He quickly realized that Monterey had absolutely no intentions of turning the infant over to the commander. He was going ot have to take things into his own hands. Besides...this kind of news could land him a nice promotion in rank. Standing from his seat, the Plutarkian tromped over to where their commander sat eating. “i’m sorry to interrupt sir, but I have to speak with you. It’s important.” he whispered.

Monterey immediately began to worry when he saw from the corner of his eye, Snyder stepping out of the mess hall with their commander. Would he really rat out his best friend of twenty years?

“MONTEREY!!!” The booming voice could be heard from outside, echoing throughout the messhall. Damn...apparently the spineless bastard had absolutely no qualms with betraying his closest friends, if the cause suited his purposes or something. Standing shakily, Monterey stepped outside.

”Sir?” he asked nervously, standing as straight as he could, trying not to show nervousness...and failing miserably.

”is it true, Monterey? Are you keeping a Martian child in your tent?”

’of course not, sir. Why would I?” he lied...a bold-faced lie. but a worthy cause.

“Then you’ll have no problem with me going in and looking around.” The commander glared, pointedly, as he started towards the tent.

”Sir wait! You really don’t want to go in of the soldiers got sick earlier, and it’s a big mess. I was going to clean it up after dinner-”

”I’ve seen worse, I’m sure. now stand aside.” the commander ordered, noting that Monterey was now standing between himself and the tent. Monterey didn’t move...but he did wince when the child began to cry. “So. It is true afterall. You’re a traitor to your own people.”

’Sir, I-”

”Gaurds!!” The commander snarled, not taking his eyes off of Monterey as two Plutarkian gaurds trotted up, guns at the ready. “Arrest Monterey, have him deported back to Plutark, I will explain the situation to the High Chairman.” he growled.

”Yessir!” The two gaurds stood at attention, saluting, before moving over to Monterey. Pulling his hands behind his back, they quickly shackled his wrists and ankles, leading him away from the others. As monterey was led past Snyder, he glared at his former friend, who only smirked in return. By now a small crowd had formed to see what all of the commotion was about, which only served to agitate the commander further. “BACK to your posts, all of you!” he snarled, seething. he turned, and went into the tent, his hateful eyes falling on the still crying infant who was squirming around on one of the berths. This time, Monterey had just gone too far.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To be continued.

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OOoooohhhhh A plutarkian with a heart, surrounded by beasts ^_^ Very kewl.
Shows depth to characters mainly proceved as greedy souless villians. ^_^ Nice.

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Everyone has a heart Whipblade, some know it, some have to find it and others reject it. But I have to admit that this is the first Plutarkian I consider... "hugable" ;P
Chappie 3 please! It's exiting!