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235 lbs
agile, toned muscles
sable fur
Sable hair
Vigilante, ex-cop
Mars, Cycle City
mysterious, unpredictable
Identifying marks: 

scar across top of muzzle to left cheek, scar on right calf from a dog bite


black custom Bimota DB7 Oronero with bullet-proof windshield


Multiple-personality disorder, more violent than normal when drunk (only drinks when his 'nightfall' persona is in control), skilled in various fighting techniques, can't take medicine with aspirin or other narcotics in them


****WARNING: Nightfall's Biography is NOT for the very young, faint-hearted, close minded, or 'naive' type of people. If you are weak-stomached or meet one of the above descriptions - please do NOT read further!****

QUOTE: When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge.

Nightfall's original name was Jae Pirell, son of narcotics officer Torque and his wife Chassie. When he was five years old, he approached his father about his uncle's illegal gambling, drug and prostitution ring. When Torque confronted his brother, he and his wife were killed. Jae witnessed from the stairs, before the mouse he'd called 'uncle' dragged him away from him home, forcing him early on into a life of drugs and pain. It wasn't until years later, when he was caught on a drug-run by a local officer and brought into the station that his life started to change. he was discovered by a young narc officer, Nakawa, who took the boy under his wing. Upon finding out of the officer raising Jae in a one-bedroom apartment, and a false report of abuse against the officer (when a citizen saw him 'shake' jae by the shoulders while telling him he wasn't worthless), Jae was taken from Nakawa without an investigation, and told that he could not see his 'father figure' again. he was placed into a strict home with foster parents who didn't understand jae's struggle with addiction, and labeled him as a 'problem child'. He suffered extreme emotional and physical abuse by his foster parents, before Nakawa came to visit and saw the bruises and fear on his boy...he took Jae immediately from the home and sued the fosters, ultimately Nakawa regained custody of the boy, and Jae was finally at peace with someone who loved him. Nakawa worked hard to get jae completely clean and sober, having to homeschool him for the better part of his teen years. Upon reaching 18, Jae joined the police department in cycle city, and worked alongside Nakawa...unknowing that their chief was corrupt. Afraid that Jae would eventually recall incidents that the chief didn't want going public, he arranged for Jae to be shot in a 'drive by'. But Nakawa took the bullet instead. He died shortly after reaching the hospital, and the chief quickly turned the tables in his own favor by tampering with the evidence, to make it appear as though Jae was the one responsible for Nakawa's death. Forced to go into hiding in another city, Jae tried to start a new life...with a promise from two of his friends that they WOULD get his name cleared. years passed, and his name was never cleared. Eventually returning to Cycle City, seeing the condition the city was now in and the crime that now ran rampant in the streets, he knew he had to do something about. Unable to deal with the demons of his past, Jae's personality split into two - himself, and his alter ego Nightfall. Nightfall became a vigilante, loved and revered by most citizens, hated by the local police, and quickly became a wanted fugitive. He was given help by an old friend, Russ, who had retired from the police force. Nightfall took refuge in Russ's home, and the old mouse quickly fell into 'grandfather' routine, constantly scolding Nightfall when he would come home injured. Russ took responsibility of keeping Nightfall's armor and equipment maintained and performing well. Under Russ's watchful eye, Nightfall continues to protect the citizens of Cycle City, while seeking revenge for his murdered parents, a childhood he can never reclaim, and the loss of his friend, mentor, partner and lover Nakawa.