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How hard can it be to be a parent?

posted by goddessrhiannon on 2 Mar 2008 @ 11:07am
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I'm sitting here laughing my ass off at how hilarious this is! My niece's Big Sister just became a mom for a second time and is constantly chasing after her toddler while her husband works out of state and often says 'Honey how hard is it to look after a new born and a toddler? It can't be THAT hard! Women have been doing it far longer then you have! I PROMISE to be home before the Middle of October! Then I can help you with the kids.'

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LOL! Awesome! And very true actually. Having always had younger cousins and friends with children of their own I can actually relate to this. That and Throttle's right, they always know how to break certain stuff. =P

I also like your art style too! It could be just me but it has a streak of convincing realism to it that I like. =) Very cool!