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Small Comfort

posted by DarkStorm Wolfsbane on 7 Jun 2010 @ 1:55pm

Based off the RP between WhipBlade and myself, I present Vandal and Mix after Mix's notoriously bad luck gets them both injured by taking a tumble off a cliff. While they wait for anyone to realize where they are, Vandal gives her comfort as she tries to apologize for getting them into trouble.

Vandal owned by WhipBlade and abused with permission. Mix is mine. BMFM owned by Ungar and I believe the Evi- I mean Disney?

Yes, the compression's bad, it makes it less likely to be thefted (in theory) because you can't see crap! XD

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He's .. licking her.. antennas ??


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Yes, XD Vandal is licking her antenna.

Looks great DarkStorm! I love it! ^_^ YOu did a wonderful job n' his ear is perfect ^_~ XD *Huggles* XD He's happy too!

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Thank you both muchly! I can send you the full raw file later, if you wish, Whip... :) That way, you have it on hand to print, and it shouldn't give you any grief with bad print or resizing issues... :)