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The First Affair Of The Heart

crimson'n'lace - posted on 2 Nov 2012 @ 9:46am

In the old BMFM series, there were hints of something going on between Vinnie and Charley. Here is what I think went on:

The First Affair of the Heart

Charley: Love. There's no other way I can describe how I feel. I see him. I want him.
It's crazy. He's not even human. He's a mouse--an alien from the planet Mars named Vinnie.
A five or six-foot something tall white mouse with red antennas and a muscular build most bodybuilders would envy.
This mouse wears biker clothes and has the biggest ego I've ever seen. He rides on a fiery red motorcycle with enough arsenal to conquer a foreign country. In spite of all this he's the sweetest guy all around.

Vinnie: Man, I can be such a spaz! I can wipe the floor with Limburger and a dozen Plutorkians with one hand tied behind my back. So why am I such a dweeb when it comes to telling the girl I love how I feel about her? I really love Charley-girl. How am I
gonna tell her?

Charley: How did it start? After Vinnie and I sent Catscan, an alien telekinetic Limburger sent to attack us packing, I began seeing Vinnie in a new light. My feelings for him grew. I knew the same thing happened to him. He and I went to kiss but we caught ourselves in time.
We decided to continue to just be friends. That is, until the next night. There was a fight on cable between Tyson and Hollyfield.
Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo invited me to the Scoreboard to watch it with them since they had cable and I didn't. Modo told me they were out of root beers so I went in my fridge and pulled out a bunch of them.
I arrived there loaded down with sodas. Modo got up to help me and I noticed Vinnie got up, too. Modo took the drinks from my arms thanking me and smiling. One of the cans slipped from under my arm and rolled under an end table. I reached down to get it and Vinnie reached out at the same time I did. My hand was on the can and his hand was on mine. I felt sparks and a shiver go up my spine as I felt a gentle squeeze. Our eyes locked on each other. I thought at that moment he was going to kiss me. Instead, he snatched his hand away quickly and mumbled something and sat on the cough. I was a little hurt.

Vinnie: I didn't mean to hurt her. When Charley dropped that soda, I didn't think when I reached out to pick it up. I'm kinda glad Charley-girl reached out at the same time. It felt nice to touch her hand. I hope I made my point when I squeezed it. I wanna be with her. No one else.
Then I thought about the last time Harley and I were together. I felt the same way. Then she was taken away from me. Would that happen to Charley? Maybe that's why I got away from her so fast. I couldn't forget the sad look on her face. I felt really rotten.
Throttle and Modo noticed and glared at me. They got after me about how I acted towards her. I'm gonna make it up to her and I suddenly knew how. After they went to bed and were asleep, I hopped on my bike and rode off.

Charley: I woke up the next morning and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. There on my table was a clear crystal vase filled with long stem red roses. In spite of being a little tired, I smiled and smelled them taking in their sweet aroma. I was surprised there was no card but I had an idea who they were from.

Vinnie: Mission accomplished. I went to an old abandoned field where an old rosebush grew. I hope Charley-girl likes the flowers, but I'm never dealing with rose bushes again! How am I ever gonna get these thorns out of my fur?

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Owww so cute Vin! So he has a sweet heart (xD) under his muscles!