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Strike a Pose!

posted by Torama on 12 Dec 2016 @ 11:21pm

Starzone! Done in between silently screaming while trying to finish photobooks before a deadline so they could be shipped to their destinations in time.

Ex Delicto

Torama - posted on 14 Mar 2016 @ 9:03am

Credit where credit's due

This entire fic is Midnight's fault.

I am using a fair chunk of her storyline and characters. It's set in the future of where the series left off. That means your favourite characters are in their 50s or thereabouts and look their age (war does that to a person).

It's also a rewrite of a fic I have up on, I won't be posting it there as I can't get a response from support at all to try to get back into my account and I can't be bothered making another one.

Taliesin concept sketch

posted by Torama on 29 Dec 2015 @ 9:52am


sketch of Taliesin (genderless shadowshifter/mouse hybrid child of
Helios and Sunkiss) for Midnight to give her an idea of xir default
colour scheme.

The colouring was also super quick and turned out all right so I guess I have to colour all my sketches from hereon :)

Unexpected Carry

Biker Mice from Mars fanart - Stoker hefting enGage
posted by Torama on 8 Oct 2015 @ 12:29pm

In response to a comment Artaith left on the Rescue sketch on deviantART XD My sister  made the point that it's entirely possible to "bridal carry" someone the same height as you but this was more fun and playful.  And I have no idea what the relationship between Stoker and enGage is, she may well cut out his heart for this in the next panel, I decided it was amusing for all concerned.  I also don't know if enGage actually wears fishnet stockings or tall boots, the reference I used was a half body.

Stoker belongs to whatever megacorp has the rights these days.
enGage belongs to Artaith.

Brandt Maverick

Brandt Maverick
posted by Torama on 20 Sep 2015 @ 2:36pm

I needed a break from feathering, Midnight had just rolled out a concept of a new character, he was such a prettyboy and I'd wanted to see how my colouring looked on her drawing style.  The timing was perfect.

Brandt Maverick belongs to Midnight, this pic was coloured with permission.  Character is still under heavy development and may not look the same once she's done with him :)


posted by Torama on 26 Jun 2015 @ 12:02pm

No drabble this time round, sorry, brain is occupied with other things :)

So there we were, chatting on Skype, when Midnight21 linked me to a picture on dA which I will not go look for as it was not safe for prudes (there were two guys, one was sitting up reading, the other crled against him, but you couldn't see his head so he could have been doing anything) and said she could imagine Helios and Sunkiss doing that, as Helios would probably enjoy reading his books to Sunkiss (the guy's a decent writer as well as a brilliant artist).  Speaking from experience I then said I could see them snuggled up together with Helios' cat Nutella wedged in the gap where their bodies would meet.  She thought that was cute, and eventually posted a picture of young Helios when he first got Nutella
I then mentioned that Helios and Sunkiss meet a year after Nutella dies, and she says Helios would probably get more cats, and on the spot invented Cadbury and Twix.  She didn't have any ideas as to how he acquisitioned them to for purposes of my fic he rescues them out of a gutter as soggy, sad ittens while on his way home from art school.  Twix (the one sleeping on Helios' foot) develops a paintbrush fetish and constantly steals paintbrushes.  If Helios can't find one he's looking for, all he has to do is look for Twix's stash in the corner of his wardrobe.  Cadbury (the one draped over unkiss' arm) is a lot more chill but gets offended if not involved in snuggles or if you stop patting it.

I do mostly gritty stuff, and even scenes that are supposed to be sweet and cutesy aren't really, and it was less out of my area than the other piece I did of these two, so I shall call it practice (and obviously I need a whole lot more).  There's a billion errors that I didn't spot in the lineart stage and because this was a quick (HAH!) diversion from face rigging I didn't want to do the amount of erasing and redoing fixing them would require.  Sorry :S

I think this group of shifters are quite happy to have finally gotten a story that works, they're getting quite noisy now.  Should probably at least attempt to draw all of my shifter characters and explain a bit about their species as they tend to crop up in pretty much all of my work though quite often as slightly odd background characters which is generally how they like to operate.  There's two fics (one a fanfic, one not) that star two different groups and who knows when they'll be done.

Helios and the cats belong to Midnight21 and are being used with permission.  Sunkiss is mine.


  • Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid (I am completely useless without this thing)
  • Blender
    (posed my base models, though Sunkiss is 10cm too tall as I forgot to
    resize it, Helios is the right height this time, and knew I should have
    mocked in a book, serves me right for deciding to just wing it)
  • Krita
  • Pixelmator (level and resize, Krita can level but preview doesn't seem to work on OSX)


I actually just grabbed these from the other file but they're originally from:

Princess Malika of Firestorm

posted by Midnight on 29 Feb 2012 @ 2:09pm

She had come from a long line of ruthless conquerors, dictators, which ended when her great grandfather, King Gunfire, had been forced to give his kingdom to the Plutarkians to save his family. As evil as the Plutarkians were, they murdered the king and his family anyway and the Plutarkian war broke out. All but one little girl named Midnight perished, who was raised by her mother, who the king had an affair with, in an unknown land. Her past was forgotten until she was old enough to understand the truth. She and Vinne were crowned and ruled just long enough to create the beginning of a new democracy. Their reign ended when their youngest son Silverfire turned 21. He was crowned king and ruled for 45 years, bringing much growth and change to the empire. After his reign, an attempt was made to prevent Silverfire's oldest daughter, Malika from becoming queen because she was female and had obvious Catatonion genetics. Silverfire's youngest son, Marius, was crowned the next king when he was 18 years old. His reign was short and turbulent, burning many religious relics and war criminals at stake. He died of illness ten years later and became known to historians as Malicious Marius. Princess Malika succeeded him shortly after and became queen. She never married or had children and ruled the Firestorm Empire for fifty years. Her long and peaceful reign was called the golden age. In Silverfire and Malika, The Firestorm dynasty produced the two most famous monarchs in Martian history. Approximately 13 years later after Malika's reign... the Firestorm Empire vanished. Some say it was conquered by foes from another planet while others speculate the whole population vanished by a plague. Centuries later, evidence of a fire was found amidst of the ruins of that kingdom. Perhaps that fire simply made the Firestorm capital weak and it merged with another empire named Brimstone. No one knows what happened to the kingdom for sure and the truth had been forgotten. Over time, the Firestorm legend had been reduced to a simple fairy tale...

Malika is my character. Please don't use in any way or form without my permission. Thank you!


posted by Rankaloo84 on 17 Dec 2011 @ 12:41am

Who needs laser weapons when you can use jethammer?!

[b]What was used:[/b]
[b]Base:[/b] Furries for Melody by Capsces
[b]Hiukset:[/b] Ravenhair by Arki
[b]Vaatteet:[/b] Tube top, Short shorts by EvilInnocence, boots from Aiko3 Clothing pack by Daz3D
[b]Other:[/b] Antennae, D3 poses by Daz3D, Echoeyes for V3 by Michy, Jethammer from Sci-Fi Melee Weapons by Valandar
[b]Background:[/b] by me

Yellow boots training

posted by Rankaloo84 on 30 Oct 2011 @ 4:12pm

Textless version from my DA gallery's thanks for visiting pic. x'D

Halloween 2011

posted by Rankaloo84 on 1 Oct 2011 @ 4:18am

I realized that I haven't uploaded any of my fanart here. Halloween is coming so I might as well start with OC Hunyeer Halloween. Hopefully you like.

Things that were used to put this image together, in case you wonder how I did it + some items require giving credits so there we go;
Furries for Melody by Capsules, Melody by LadyLittlefox, Aiko3 by Daz3D…. ( all that was really required )
Pumpkin witch outfit, shoes ja collar by Sione
Sera hairpack by Futepen
RM Darkness by Rebelmommy ( eyes )
Pose by
Background from Goth meets grunge scrap kit by Morabella Morbid
Rendered in Daz Studio. Postwork in PhotoDraw 2 and I do know that I might "do better" with some "pro" programs but I'm very settled to use programs that I use.